Reapers or Millers?

I’m aware of the perks and the differences between the two.
I’m asking this because.
One is 2.4k PS and the other is about half of that. The price and stuff.

I prefer the miller, although to be fair, I haven’t played reaper in long time. That’s one of those weapons I foolishly sold & should’ve kept.

Reapers are fun in that you can pretty much just fire the entire time you’re playing without thinking about cooling or even ammo.

But yeah… they’re so high in PS, to me, they’re only worth it in PVE.

From the test server changes if they go in as they were tested, the Reapers will be better if used with the right combo of accuracy influencing gear.

Reapers mean you can have other modules in place of cooling and rads, and also aren’t as much as a liability when you get pinned (the self damage of the explosive Miller shells hurts).
But the explosive shells of Millers can really help finish off enemies quicker, and are pretty good at popping hidden explosives (I like to use them with Falcon).

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What test sever changes?

The last test server for pending balance changes (last week).

The pending changes to them were:

Definitely Reapers since Millers are pellet miniguns past 50 meters on any moving target.

Reapers are stronger. Hands down. But if your like me and have a set of fused millers theres really no point in getting reapers unless you fuse them too. A fused miller is about as strong as an unfused reaper.


Is this clear now forums? let me post.

The down side to reapers is they have a fixed limited DPS, but the highest sustained damage in the game.

This is true. And when coupled with the fact that the on screen animations showing you’re being shot by one isn’t the most dramatic, it’s easy to pour round into someone before they react.

That its range is getting a buff will make it even more deadly.

if you don’t have either, go by what PS you have the most fun in. If you prefer lower PS matches, go with millers, if you prefer higher PS matches go with Reapers.

I prefer the millers as they are in the game today, the explosive/impulse is OP imo.

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