Reaper and Miller

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with this in mind ( if you care to read).

I’m thinking with the newest changes on the Miller and on the Reaper.
( I don’t remember if the Miller despite being ammo dependent now, still is a over heat weapon or not).
having one Reaper and one Miller instead of two Millers or two Reapers.
This way i would have a HE round for every 15 rounds and a AP round for every 15 rounds in the same burst.
Or is it better to have 2 HE rounds or 2 AP rounds in a burst?

Thank you

Miller still overheats. Which seems a little unfair if it also takes ammo, but whatever. Played some the other day and they still seem decent.


Thank you.

But should i go for an hybrid set up or go for a pure set up?

1x HE round + 1 AP round


2 HE rounds

2 AP rounds

I think it would be more efficient to not mix them, mostly for energy reasons.

If you mix them, you’ll need cooling for the miller, but would have to give up another module if you want both a cooler and a rad.
If you go all millers, you can still put at least two energy points towards cooling, while still having enough left over for engine/detector/cloak/whatever. And if you go all reapers, you’ll also have enough energy left over for those extra modules.

The miller fires an HE round every 15 landed shots, while the reaper fires an AP round every 7 landed shots