Rebalance daily's and current gamestate opinion

Hey everyone,

i’ve been finding tyhe daily’s frustrating and counter intuitive for a long time, although, i am grateful to the devs for finally reworking the raids and missions daily into a single quest, THAT was tedious,
i would like to see something similiar for weapon choices, it’s not fun being railroaded into weapons i either don’t currently own, or simply suck as a result of meta, for example, today is a boring day trying to grind cannon daily’s with a 7k dual executioner build, exec’s are terrible weapons, even with tile penetration they only deal 200 a shot, meanwhile my sledgehammer build at the same powerscore can deal almost 2k of damage before the exec’s even reload,
thats 400 damage vs 2k damage, purples vs blues, this game is very broken, most builds have speed, so shotties can close in, without hovers or omni-wheels cannons are unsable, and thats before factoring DPS differences, other builds just run rings around cannons, so not only can they barely hit anything, they also deal zero damage for this massive “skill based weapon”

this game has a very weird approach to product placement, on one hand, its a casual game, design a car and spend 3 minutes blowing eachother up, anything that lasts 3 minutes is casual, theres very little room for actual tactics, teamplay and coordination, and the devs seem to agree, there’s basically nothing in terms of team utility, you cant really assist your teammates other than flipping them back over or blowing up the enemy first,

on the other hand, it expects me to grind my backside off for MONTHS, the current psychology of this game is waaaaaaaaaay off, the dopamine for the amount of effort is very bad, in other words, there is very little reward for effort ratio, and this comes with a frustrating meta of hovers and other cheese that the player base constantly demands solid rebalancing, but are dissappointed everytime, and here’s why, HOVERS SELL,

the devs will not nerf one of their most purchased items, since the meta is in high demand, the market is also in high demand, which brings us to our next issue,
i buy the odd battlebass, i find myself unable to grind out this current 100 DAY LONG BATTLEPASS, it’s like 4 months long or something, i’m sorry folks, i dont have the attention span to play this game almost every single day for 4 months straight, just to get the dopamine reward chemicals the rest of the game fails to provide,

EDIT - P.S. i’m looking forwards to the apparent changes to armour classes, and perhaps that will fix or shift some of my concerns around,

TLDR - game expects months of work for 3 minutes of getting wrecked by OP builds, mostly acquired with real world cash, or people who have no lives/jobs and can grind this every single day, maybe im just butthurt, but its feeling bad to play through and through,

You can do some BP challenges in Adventure, and everything else in Patrol (raids work too). Used to be almost all BP weapon challenges could be done in Adventure, but then it was changed. Try Adventure first, and if it won’t work for a particular challenge, do it easy in Patrol.

But it’s better to quit Crossout. It’s a trap disguised as a game. Its e-sport potential is being wasted for years now. Doesn’t matter that my skills with particular weapons get better, that I study the maps in custom brawls and work out my tactics for particular vehicles, if getting real good only ends up being teamed with lazy losers, due to the 50/50 matchmaker. Crossout could’ve been an e-sport sensation since 2017, with Twitch streams with commentators, like any e-sport game out there, with brand deals, and tons of money flowing in (and with proper tournaments serving to build actually competitive cars, and not the ones they do with exposed explosives). But no, it was decided it’s enough to keep the game a small affair where old people come to die and infect kids with crazy through the chat. You haven’t invested a lot of time, so better quit now and be happy. What happened with the Radiance BP was a breach of contract, i.e., a scam, fraud or whatever the right term. A game that does something like that should be blocked on markets worldwide. It’s one thing to do those dodgy lootboxes and what have you, while keeping the game in beta in order to avoid stricter regulations, but it’s something entirely different selling a product/service that contains an implicit suggestion of daily or weekly challenges appearing in a particular manner, and then the publisher decides to remove some of the challenges after the customer has already paid. It’s against some laws, in any country with a legal system, and a solid reason to quit. Among a plethora of other reasons.

BTW, in late 2021, they did a challenge which required using a legendary rocket launcher. IIRC, the challenge was set up so that only the Waltz qualified, and it just so happened to be in that BP. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for this amazing information.

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correct, i don’t see zachariah;s comment,

i’m the type to find grinding against bot’s to be very boring, there really has to be something special to make it replayable like that,

i do think crossout is missing a “ranked” mode, the issue is that matchmaking is extremely unbalanced, there are people taking legendaries to 4k battles and oneshotting everyone, hardly competitive, but thats why i say its clearly a “casual” framework,

i’ve invested enough time and money to not want to abandon my labours, i find it to be in extremely poor taste to convince people to quit, the only quitting you shuld convince people of is smoking, i’d prefer to reach out to the community and see what directions we are heading in,

yeah those marketing decisions are bad, and reflect poorly on the company, but declines in profit margins and such via plummeting player base is usualy a sign to sort it out, and the dev’s are responding, so it’s not a lost cause,
could be worse, at least they are not as bad as disney, who are now in the red for destroying peoples kids with psychological warfare, that they had a shareholder meeting, and the shareholders are furious,