Recent contest winners

Just wrapped up and I call :ox: :poop: when I see it with the selected top three!

Rules state you should build your ride for Ivy and not take the exhibition : * The players who publish someone else’s entry will be excluded from participation.
But the 3rd and 2nd place entries were from the exhibition but just slightly modify, the third place winner was even in the insect building contest under someone else’s name
The 2nd place was on the exhibition and I swear it was under someone else’s name but even if not it doesn’t have functioning weapons: Assemble the witch’s armoured car and decorate it in the style of Halloween. The armoured car must be able to move on its own. It must be equipped with weapons

And the first place winner seems to end up in the first place in a lot of these contest (70%)

It’s one thing not being in the top 3 but another thing me not even placing within the top 100 entries when I spent a good 20 mins searching through the entries and 60% clearly didn’t follow all the rules, 10% weren’t even properly Halloween theme and any 5% didn’t properly put the contest tag in their entries!

But somehow my entry was built from the ground up and not a modified exhibition rebuild, which followed all the rules including the full cap contest tag didn’t even place, not even in the top 100
I call :ox: :poop: on that, especially when the first place entry is an over stuffed samurai with Halloween stickers on it, by an author who conveniently wins 70% of the time! The 2nd place build was taken from the exhib with fancy skinned Q-tips facing backwards, the 3rd place build is another exhib build that was entered in another contest but didn’t place in the top 3 even though it was a bug build, but is now modified with sheet ghosts and chubby hemorrhoid bats!

Darn right I am salty and this is my salty rant, build a Frankenstein, car wreck build that looked like it was covered in blood and have the bloody handprint paint but it didn’t even place in the top 100
:ox: :poop: :ox: :poop: :ox: :poop: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :raccoon:

Best part they say don’t take from the exhib in every contest but a good chunk of the time least 1 of the top 3 builds are taken from the exhib, and not even from the main author … Why waste time thinking up a theme and building it from the ground up when I’ll be rewarded by taken prebuilts from the exhib that I don’t even own, then I could place yeah?!

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :ox: :poop: :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :clown_face: :raccoon: :joy:

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I love that they started doing these build contests in game a while back but I do wish they would use them for more practical crowdsourcing too. Like they could have done the request for faction builds via this rather then limiting that type of stuff to discord.

I can’t get all salty about the results most of the time mostly because the gallery voting system is so odd still.

Yup, they so should’ve did that

Nor do I, but when I see builds that should be disqualified that aren’t and the same people winning all the time after a while it’s annoying. Clash of engineers is the only contest I occasionally enter as I’m not making an account on the other site they put most of the contests on!

I still think that not being able to see the name of whomever made the blueprint could be a good thing, and there should be clashes where the use of the leviathan space should not be allowed because usually builds made in regular car slots can not compete with leviathan slot builds that can use way more parts

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