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Hey, are the recent updates (New interface / effects, new controls and the helicopter rotor) going to be reverted? Seems like in the current state hover builds are a bit dead, I see the rotors are expiring in some weeks, will that expiration also bring back the regular controls? Im guessing this new (quite ugly honestly) interface isnt another temporary part of the update so it isnt getting reverted

I think the only thing being reverted are the copter blades.

Does that imply the current controls are staying?

I think so. If you fiddle with the key binds and camera distance in the settings, you can make it very similar to how it was before the update.

I think they were trying to nerf sideways builds when they did that.

This doesn’t go back as far as they did originally

It’s under settings > Interface > General
Setting: Camera Distance

It’s under settings > Interface > Control of Movement Parts With Strafing.

This has a check box setting to revert the rotate and strife keys functions. (Which is super useful if you don’t want to retrain your fingers) Similarly there is a checkbox for turning off the directional follows with aim thing too…

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i have a relatively thin hover, and when i try to strafe or even go any direction in general it just tilts all the way to the ground. playing this hovers with trying to strafe is impossible, is this a new mechanic meaning i need a new thicker build, or is this something i can turn off? I didnt find such option

  • i just changed my build slightly, seems like the new hover or cabin hitboxes were not fitting so my build was sorta bugged, seems more playable now, but it is still super wobbly
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This kind of hovers no longer works.

Time to rebuild. (Edit: i see your already rebuilding)

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How many hovers do you use?

i use 4 hovers on a small hover, my big cw build seems to be more stable

Yes, the new hovers are aimed at nerfing low PS hover builds.

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thats good fast and small underpsed hovers are gone, but it also kills higher tier smaller hovers but still probably better

You just have to mess with the width in ratio to the length to get it to balance out. Weight balancing means a lot more now too. It’s still possible to build pretty small though.

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The slower hovers are less tippy than the fast ones, but with small four hover builds, most people are still going to be using the fast ones, since that’s the whole point of small fast hover builds.
Take note that you can mount hovers to any side of the frame now, which opens up a lot of new placement options.
My advice for figuring out layouts that work for you is to initially experiment with just a cabin, frames, and hovers to find shapes that work. Then experiment with adding mass to see how that impacts handling.
Then go back to your skeleton and make your real build.

Edit: you may have noticed many hover players mounting their guns high above the cabin now. This is because of the rocking forward and back when accelerating or reversing. Yes it leaves the guns more exposed when floating level, but means that when reversing away from an enemy you can still shoot at them, and now your cabin is partially shielding your weapons.

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the build changes are kinda understandable although done wrong, but the interface design is laughable

I’ve seen a couple with MGs mounted below the cabin since the Hover update. I haven’t tried that myself… Can’t stand playing hovers. :joy:. Feel like I’m driving drunk - sloshing all around, bouncing off crap. :clinking_glasses::tumbler_glass::beers::woozy_face:

Yeah, I’m starting to see more undermounted guns on hovers too. The problem with them is that they often can’t shoot while accelerating forwards, although that’s not such a huge problem when playing hovers.

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on xbox right after 2.0 hovers were using 2 miniguns on top and 1 mounted below to force the hover to sit much higher, around 9k PS