Recruitment of volunteers who will help us assemble armoured cars! 2

Greetings, survivors!

In the Wasteland, life does not stand still: more and more factions are declaring their existence, the variability of weapons and modules is increasing, and the threat in the face of the Ravagers hasn’t disappeared at all. But most importantly, an increasing number of survivors are eager to fight in order to maintain order. For them, their own car is the definition of life. But still, someone has to design, assemble, repair, and modify all these vehicles, and guarantee the results of the highest quality! There are not enough skilled mechanics to handle the increasing amount of tasks, so the heads of all the factions decided to turn to the people, in order to find more people with golden hands, ready to work for the benefit of all the survivors.

We would like to find people who meet the following requirements:

  • Age 18+ (currently, there is no possibility to accept people under 18 as volunteers);
  • Has an in-game experience, understanding of the basic game mechanics;
  • Understanding the principles of building armoured vehicles;
  • Availability of free time;
  • Learnability, persistence and adaptability.

Your task is:

  • Complete the tasks;
  • Share the assembled armoured vehicles on the exhibition;
  • Fill in the form.


  1. Build three armoured vehicles of any kind that could characterize you as an assembly engineer in the best way possible.
    You don’t have to build your car from scratch. You can also use vehicles you’ve assembled earlier, but keep in mind that they should most fully reveal the individuality of your engineering skills.
  2. Design an armoured car for one of the in-game factions.
    In the Wasteland, each faction has its own heroes, its own unique traits and, of course, its own combat vehicles. You need to build an armoured car in the style of any faction.


  • Parts:
    • You can use parts of the selected faction, except for parts obtained for prestige levels;
    • You can use parts of the Engineers faction;
    • If you have chosen one of the advanced factions (Dawn’s Children, Firestarters or Steppenwolfs), then you can use the parts of the previous faction. For example, you can the parts of the Lunatics to build a vehicle for the Firestarters;
  • Do not use paint;
  • Minimal use of decor.

Additional task:

  • Come up with a name and description for your armoured car.
  1. Design an armoured car for a famous movie or cartoon character.
    Imagine that your favorite (or not so favorite) character from a feature film/cartoon has arrived in the Wasteland. Build an armoured car that would suit the character you chose.


  • You can use any parts and paints;
  • Minimal use of decor;
  • The use of weapons is optional.

All builds must not violate the rules, and must remain at the exhibition until the recruitment process ends!

We will contact all candidates who have passed the initial recruitment stage via private messages in Discord. Make sure that your private messages are unlocked.


Anybody here submitted?
I’ve seen this recruitment effort before, maybe more than once. Anyone worked with them?

They’ve done these recruitment’s a number of times before. All the builds for a few of their slaughter events were player sourced. I’ve never done a submission for them for one of these but I love the concept of it.

I kind of wish they would make the submission process a little easier on the exhibition slot side though. Like I don’t really want to give up 4 slots for that long. It would be much nicer if I could just hit a submit to “playersourcing event” button and just use a single slot.

Nice excuse :smile:

I know right I don’t even feel like deleting my own stuff for them… lol

That’s the part that tosses me off the boat. Can’t we just use an email for this?

It’s remarkable they roll out inconvenience even here.
I think they could offer job for everyone who already produced stuff for exhibition.
The way this works now is - waste time and slots to see if your skills correspond their ideas, then go doing whatever after

And I wonder why aren’t they working withpeople from previous recruitments.
They of course might change people they work with for more creative diversity, but still idk. Just wonder how it works and how much are interested… But anyway, the more I think of it the less interesting it looks to me.

That would be nice too. lol… I never check my discord messages.

They want voice communication option.

I think they just assume everyone functions and uses everything they do. lol… I push player sourcing often in ideas but it really needs to be done in the easiest possible way for players to want to take part in doing it.

I like how it’s the one thing they forgot to translate.

They probably get enough submissions from ru region anyway.

It’s possible. I just think it should be easier to submit builds for them to use. Similar to how they after lots of complaining put the build competition stuff in game. I really shouldn’t have to delete 4 exhibitions slots and clear a blueprint spot to take part in this.

One of the easy ways if they are bent on the idea of players hosting the builds in their exhibition slots would be: just to have context menu option similar to the report for violation that would be suggest for bot submission.

I know putting in some extra steps can reduce spam but asking for too much also hampers the number of people going though with it.

@145971359 Would you be so kind as to turn in some of our constructive criticisms? Thanks!

charlie went for a pack of cigs at the gas station 2 weeks ago, hell be right back.

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Hopefully he’ll come back around lol… Honestly just blatantly pointing out the constructive I think is the only way things might make it in on the vastly ignored forums now…

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This’d be fun, but I don’t use discord and I don’t have even 1 free slot available.

Lol. Did the previous ones run away? :laughing:


Their currently best builder(s):

If you can build better, that this, you have a shot.

I don’t like the part about the “minimal use of decor” in the last vehicle mentioned, which is supposed to look cool. I didn’t apply when they were recruiting in the summer of '22, because I didn’t want them to have any more of my personal data than they already had. I want to apply, but I need some other way, because I refuse to comply with this set of recruitment criteria.

BTW, in the summer of '22, they were recruiting testers, but only announced that on the Russian version of the website. Which was a mistake, if only because because of the playstyle differences. If they want money from the evil West, they need some Western testers, too. So the game plays like something those evil Westerners are used to.

While searching for that tester recruitment ad, I found this Movie Brunch post from 2023.09.06 that the English version of the website didn’t get:

Oh, and there was one on 2023.08.22, as well:

In the latest Crossout Show episode, they said a “temporary goodbye” to us. OK, but that doesn’t apply to Movie Brunch. Those are the same YT links.

And here’s an ad for recruiting moderators for the Russian Discord channel and VKontakte. I don’t remember such an ad on the English website. Maybe wouldn’t help them recruit smarter moderators, so it may not be an issue.

And, on the topic of building, here is a leak of the helicarrier we’ll be getting in the helicopter brawl. Probably to defend and and resurrect on. The base model:
2023.09.21 002
And with some helicopters (probably bigger relative to these helicopters, but it’s the best I could do):
2023.09.21 003
Both are on my exhibition while I can spare the slots. And there’s also this leaked decor tail based on the Ka-52, with an added rotor that the coaxial Ka-52 doesn’t need - to make it a universal decor part.
2923.09.21 004

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Not really. They don’t pick by “who builds best”, they pick by nepotism.

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