Recruitment of volunteers who will help us assemble armoured cars!

Greetings, survivors!

In the Wasteland, life does not stand still: more and more factions are declaring their existence, the variability of weapons and modules is increasing, and the threat in the face of the Ravagers hasn’t disappeared at all. But most importantly, an increasing number of survivors are eager to fight in order to maintain order. For them, their own car is the definition of life. But still, someone has to design, assemble, repair, and modify all these vehicles, and guarantee the results of the highest quality! There are not enough skilled mechanics to handle the increasing amount of tasks, so the heads of all the factions decided to turn to the people, in order to find more people with golden hands, ready to work for the benefit of all the survivors.

We would like to find people who meet the following requirements:

  • Age 18+ (currently, there is no possibility to accept people under 18 as volunteers);
  • Has an in-game experience, understanding of the basic game mechanics;
  • Understanding the principles of building armoured vehicles;
  • Availability of free time;
  • Learnability, persistence and adaptability.

Your task is:

  • Complete the tasks;
  • Share the assembled armoured vehicles on the exhibition;
  • Fill in the form.


  1. Build three armoured vehicles of any kind that could characterize you as an assembly engineer in the best way possible.
    You don’t have to build your car from scratch. You can also use vehicles you’ve assembled earlier, but keep in mind that they should most fully reveal the individuality of your engineering skills.
  2. Design an armoured car for one of the in-game factions.
    In the Wasteland, each faction has its own heroes, its own unique traits and, of course, its own combat vehicles. You need to build an armoured car in the style of any faction.


  • Parts:
    • You can use parts of the selected faction, except for parts obtained for prestige levels;
    • You can use parts of the Engineers faction;
    • If you have chosen one of the advanced factions (Dawn’s Children, Firestarters or Steppenwolfs), then you can use the parts of the previous faction. For example, you can the parts of the Lunatics to build a vehicle for the Firestarters;
  • Do not use paint;
  • Minimal use of decor.

Additional task:

  • Come up with a name and description for your armoured car.
  1. Design an armoured car for a famous movie or cartoon character.
    Imagine that your favorite (or not so favorite) character from a feature film/cartoon has arrived in the Wasteland. Build an armoured car that would suit the character you chose.


  • You can use any parts and paints;
  • Minimal use of decor;
  • The use of weapons is optional.

All builds must not violate the rules, and must remain at the exhibition until the recruitment process ends!

We will contact all candidates who have passed the initial recruitment stage via private messages in Discord. Make sure that your private messages are unlocked.

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And those who pass all the tests will get…?

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No clue, this article doesn’t specifically say anything about what you’d get apart from your designs probably being used in the game in some way. As it’s a volunteer thing you probably aren’t getting any pay

Is there any info about who exactly is recruiting those talented vehicle builders? If it’s Targem I kinda inderstand why would they do that. Bot vehicles are barely useful. Vahilla blueprints are laughable. Shop packs are terrible. They certainly in need of some good fella who can manage all them cars.

UPD: okay, it’s Targem. I assume that’ll be something like a side project for successful volunteers. Maybe a note in their CV “assembled digital vehicles for a game company” :rofl:

I remember someone was trying to get something like this going on the old forum. Cool to see it actually happening

I’d do it for free if only to see prettier bots. Too bad it’s for pc only. I bet I would have made the cut.

Ironic that they want people who understand the fundamentals of building, yet the bots are programmed with just a straight up aimbot and no tactical driving, making real builds a fat waste of time for bots

It’s mostly for the show. Bot vehicles should at least resemble real vehicles.

I don’t use discord, so I’m out of play.

This game’s shitting so hard on its players, it looks like people aren’t fighting to work for Targem for free lmao.

Which is why I would be a perfect builder for bots.

Disagree, Crossout is not our world.

Bots should look like the tier of car that is being played in game.

I believe the most sensical thing to do would be to make cars that are designed around the bots’ aggro rules, don’t you think?
Like, think about that shotgun+lances bot that actively dodges people because his shotgun behavior has priority over the melee behavior? The bots with no radar that do nothing? The rapier bots which circle around targets too fast to hit them?

I don’t think their builds should be optimized the same way than regular builds, but they could be built in a way that makes them not do too many stupid things/imbalance PvP matches too much. A last bot with no radar is just a pain to watch.


I agree with this. The bots should be built the way the game and the AI works.

I just don’t think everything needs to look like real world cars. It should look like Crossout world cars.

Even with the dev post recently talking about build names that players use and building that into the lore of Crossout. Like Bandana and Brick. This really shows that the dev team embraces what the players have made the game and they are not trying to force this preconceived idea of what Crossout engineers would build.

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Yes, and it also shows, to my surprise, that at least 1 person at Targem is somewhat playing the game and/or staying in touch with its reality.

Too bad they had to move to Reddit before starting to do this lol.

I also hope we get decent faction builds at some point, that teach basic building tricks to newcomers.

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Well, kind of… but not really :slight_smile:

The “Community managers” they put in place of the dev team play.

These guys that come to the forum, website, and on Reddit ever once in awhile are not part of the dev team.