This is ridiculous. Here I was few months ago rid of all stickers and trash. Now I have again 8 stickers with no other option to rid of but recycling that converts 5 pieces of trash into 1 piece of trash with 99% chance. And it costs 500 scrap 500 copper and 7 coin on top. ~42 worth of coin in total. Which is if bought through crosscrowns is 0.5 dollar. So now we have to pay for taking out trash stickers devs dump to our accounts?
I take it as an twisted insult to a player.

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It’s been like this for a while… Did you not notice when they got rid of the upgrade system for decor? I know it’s worthless and most people complained when it happened but your a bit late.

Let me look around are we on a comedy show?

Seriously did you just notice?

As far as I noticed I was only one to complain about some stickers were just indisposable at all. And next few updates they actually fixed that.
I used some free bonus codes without regard and got stuck watching some disgusting teenage letsplayer icon each time I use stickers to finilize my new build. I learned the lesson and wished I never did that, but suffering that for eternity was bit too much.
Perhaps now they will make 1 more step to sanity and allow more logical ways to rid of trash.
Also it’s rather absurd that we have lots of cosmetics untradable. Been wishing years for “Dark Khaki” paint. Seems to be no way to get it at all.
Should at least sell things like that in “Customization”. It only have two never changing sets of paints =/

So your mind is gone at this, which is the past insanity is the collapse of the decor upcycling.

I appreciate you keeping up the topic but you don’t make much sense.

I meant like it would have been great when it first happened. Now where suck with headlights being worth the average of 400 scrap but they are not they are at 0.10 coin. The system is still horrible and we have no way to really navigate them to what we want but the cost didn’t seem to change much.

Is that better?

Each wants and has their own view. It’s simple obvious things we can point out and hope they oblige.
I think I’d better take it to reddit anyway after news that have option discuss, best chance them to notice.
My simple idea is let this system be as it is, just remove cost. Trading 5 items for one is enough price.

I mean honestly I think there should be a system that is better than a 400 scrap crate obviously… I just don’t think they have the assists ready for something like that yet. The BP has only coved some of them. In the long term I think it’s a good projection though.

They ain’t gonna do nothing. For a game that charges 1000 coin or more for something as simple as a blueprint slot then I really got to question their moral compass. I don’t think dev’s cares much about anything really and that’s the reality I had to accept. Why I now bypass most threads about potential balance tweaks and what not, anything asking for a change really because devs don’t care. Any thread looking for any type of change within the game, I’m not even gonna bother no more, tis fruitless.