Red hovers are balanced, blue hovers are OP

As the hover problem is getting worse by the day, something that needs to be pointed out. in combat red hovers are pretty balanced and are an alt to omni and meat grinders in their use a good medium speed class mobility option which trades something for its advanced mobility.

The problem is blue hovers which have the plus sides of everything but none of the down sides. And to fix this there is one quick nerf that would work.

Hover nerf: blue hovers only (red ones get it as a perk.)

Removes their stability bonus, they no longer self right and must be flipped by an ally like any other build their hovers turnning off if upside down.

They already don’t self right anymore. You do have to hit them right to get them to flip though as they are pretty stable. The blue ones are also actually easier to flip because of how much they lean into directions when moving.

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ah tehy really need a nerf in some way.

They just should reduce the speed of the blues by 5 to 10km/hr and put a hover motor in that lets them get most of that speed back for 1en. That would restrict a fair amount of module hungry builds at higher PS.

For lower PS brackets it’s just an issue of increasing PS.