Red light rewards

these seem kinda broken to me??

I get more for being 2 places less?

Screenshot 2024-06-20 185734

one place less and still get more

Screenshot 2024-06-20 190447

3rd place gets me more than first?


Screenshot 2024-06-20 192319

Idk what is happening, could someone explain why this is so wonky? Is it just me?

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im unsure myself. i think its dependent on how well you do or how many kills / assists you get. im unsure really.

it also depends on the amount of time played

Not holding my breath on the rewards on the mini event after the Crossout day rewards distribution was so defunct. For me personally, I will play it & hope for the best. If not, No big loss.

I noticed this too. There seems to be no logic behind it.
The first game I played, I raked in a ton of scrap metal 60+ in 11th place.
When I made 3rd place, I was dissapointed in receiving 10+ scrap metal.

I think the rewards are good, i made 7th once and i got more than all the seconds i got, then i end up 7th again and i got half of that previous 7th place.

I think it has to do with kills and assist and if you die and manage to do some more killing, it’s a good start, the games don’t even have to be long to do well reward wise.

Operation red light is older than radiance i forgot the majority of corners, in a game, as a ravager i end up in a dead end, lol.
Radiance was way faster, high speeds, i mean.

For the first day, was not bad.
but i’m seeing turrets at the gates blocking team mates and the usual.

I must tweak my build handling wise, it’s very unstable ( i could take a look at my old radiance build).

Operations are so fun, i’m planning to do back to back.


We must to get deeper in the map, gates make a big impact in the rewards.

If you kill a lot but you don’t clear the first gate then the rewards are not great.
Even if you kill nothing but you pass second or third gate the rewards will be good

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