Red Tags on Player Names

Why are players suddenly putting these red tags on their names? It’s very distracting. Mostly from a distance they appear to be enemy vehicles.

We’ve covered this ground before Kusaka… The new update shows the leader in raids. The one who has the most points. As suggested in other posts the change of colour might help, but I agree it looks like the enemy…

On a foot note… Folks I played and raised enough gas to try to finish my Hard raids… I can’t believe that 2 raids in a row… FAILED… I suggest to all to play as a team… Like that will help… people just want to be the Top dog and win… I like winning too… But keep the goals first… Protect what needs protecting…

Tis my 2 cents


Since the last big update, I don’t even do hard raids anymore… Not worth the time or effort to me.

I don’t normally play hard raids, especially not the firestarters or dawns children’s ones. So judging from the above they made them all too difficult for the reward and time you spend?

I know this is not possible for many people but, If you play a “good” high PS car then hard raids are easy. (16k+)

Yeah, I just quit playing them. I’m not spending 15 minutes on a raid that isn’t all that fun for a little copper or electronics. This is especially true when the whole reason the matches take so long is that the bots have super-buffed durability.

If it’s not fun, I’m not playing it - easy or not.

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I played a raid after a long while today (bp challenges) and yeah the red marker is really annoying, especially on the minimap, and at any kind of a range

Literally could have used any other color than the same one indicating enemies and there would be no issues, but no they made it red

How can they be so incompetent, just how

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This does not make them worth the reward vs time spent. It only states it is possible to clear the raid.

My problem is I can earn enough wires to buy the electronics in less time and have more fun killing actual players.

That is why I don’t bother with anything past ez raids to complete weeklies. (not that I even work towards weeklies anymore during fishing season)

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One downside to this is I find myself ripping through them with super over powered builds just to get them over with. That leaves newer players out of the mix.

Running through them with Sparks was hilarious fun, though.

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well…if players didn’t complain that raids are too easy ‘this would never had happen’ and pvp would be better if the bots had less hp and dps…
but people who don’t play want everything harder…so we all suffer’ fun fun. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Well they were too easy with the exception of a few that could get slightly hard if players didn’t stay on top of the waves. Not that I was one to complain about it as I just like to try to get them done quick.11-12k for hard generally will do it unless you lose multiple team members early.

ah, you would have been proud of me, I built a big yellow robot (well in my imagination, it didnt really look like one) with a Jorg in each hand and my Flash as the head.

I did have fun in ez raids that day.


I noticed a lot more “kill steal” happening. Also, others maneuvering between me & a vehicle I’m shooting at…LOL. All just to get the high score that really doesn’t mean anything but bragging rights.

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