Reddit: My Addblocker Thinks You're A Virus

It’s probably not wrong.
Today I could no longer view pages on reddit. While I have no intention of starting an account with another invasive internet data harvesting scheme ever again, I was occasionally reading what they had to say about this game over there. After all, the developers direct us to discuss everything there, rather than here.
Today that became impossible for some reason. When I go there I get a blank page and my ad-blocker continually blocks it’s attempts to load whatever it’s trying to load like it’s adware. It was clocking 50+ adds and counting non-stop last time I tried.
Just saying, I’ve long since viewed those social media companies like the hostile belligerent political organizations they are, but now my computer suddenly agrees 100%. I was wondering what changed. I didn’t update anything. Did they?

Does anybody else suddenly have a problem loading their page, or does reddit just limit outsiders like me from reading what they publish?

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I can view it, I also use adblock, no idea… it kinda sucks there though, very room temp…

Checked on Firefox and Edge


That’s interesting. Good to know, thanks. My ad blockers act like I’m trying to view something nefarious…oh, I get it now. Now I remember.
I deleted some tracking info from my appdata folder last night. I bet that was what did it. I guess they don’t appreciate my anonymity. They probably think I’m the virus now. That’s fine, I suppose. You’re right, it was pretty vanilla and boring, and important topics and announcements get buried almost immediately by their garbage system.
Oh well. No love lost. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Theres just no way to have an actual discussion properly, it’s just room temp questions at the top and everything is buried, it sucks so bad, old forum was good