Redesign weapons that really need to be changed

This update, modified 5 legendary weapons, first shotgun increased durability, which is reasonable, but think of his problem suddenly appeared? Its balance had been delayed for too long; then there was the still wind, and I could only say that I was afraid that the close-range weapons would not be able to beat it;Then, Chainsaw discussed in other posts that the flamethrower was too powerful which weakened was right, that the minelayer was OK, and continued to strengthen it I felt unnecessary.

Next is what I want to say most importantly:
Do you really feel that the weakest legendary weapons are the three you are now strengthening and not the others?
Vultures are completely garbage, useless, it does not have any reinforcement, including like jubokko, pulsars, assemblers are obviously weaker in strength, they are the things that really need to be strengthened.

Also, please stop making things that only you can imagine (waltz).

I love the waltz. I’m very happy they added it.

I think it’s something that doesn’t even exist in the prototype