Reduce max speed of Icarus VII to 85 kph

Yeah, stealth is a hard counter to pyres.
1pt to negate someone’s attack is pretty good. :slight_smile:


Of course, the counter to stealth is simple, too… Put your pyres on different triggers. Fire one pyre so he activates his stealth. When he comes out of it, which is often immediately, hit em with the rest.

Continue the routine until your enemy absolutely loses his mind, crashes into a building, and plummets to the ground.

Then, since you OBVIOUSLY have hatchets on the bottom of your copter, land on his propeller as soon as he starts to take off, forcing him to the ground again… Lift up a bit, and nail em with a full volley.

Wash, rinse, repeat… Get a “whisper” from him calling you a cheater and that you’re being reported, attempt to reply only to discover you’ve been blacklisted… Or something like that. :smiling_imp:

If you catch a bumper, and you will on hover cancer, good luck taking down anything, also they just can strafe left or right and left you eating some dust, is not that easy taking a hover down

It is super easy. I do agree that all they have to do is move right or left, but people are dumb. Hovers crumble in just a second or two when hit by a double harvester and once they are locked in with the flash (in many cases) they are not getting away.

BUT with any build you have rock, paper, scissors. No build is the end all best ever. I could dismiss cannon builds with they same reply. “Just more right or left”

The double harvester flash build sometime has awful matches where I run into a wall when a hover moves and I get blown up before I can get back to speed. BUT I also have some matches where I get behind the enemy team and take out 2-3 hover builds in like 30 seconds.

One of the best thing I like to do is use the hover I have trapped in the harvesters to push into an other hover build. So you will be going 120 with a trapped build getting grinded up, then when that one blows up the second build is right their and you grab them. Sometime the dead body of the first build can mess thing up a little, but sometime it can also be used to block the attacks so other builds.


You can sell that to someone thats not been around for more than 3+ years on crossout, but that's not my case, this is simply not true, the meta existed, exist and seeing how dumb devs are will continue existing, there are some builds that simply overrun the rest and some builds that simply cannot compete, that's a **FACT** and has been happening since the beginning of crossout, its kind of naive and tiresome be hearing that rock paper scissor narrative on 2023 to be honest

Now yeah on paper if you have a melee build should be able to take down a hover (only if you take him by surprise) on the game you will notice how easily now a hover can outrun and scape even a melee build effortlessly, because as i said too many times already, hovers are not a well balanced movement part, so the game instead of rock paper scissor, it`s more like rock, paper, scissor, nuclear bomb, gatling gun

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And I do it all the time.

Back when I used to play top 10 clan wars (for 3 years) I used to spend a lot of time telling myself and others what builds they should and should not play.

Now I just play what works for me and what I have fun doing.

In PvP mission games I can pick any hover guys name out of enemy list (I go for the guy you would consider has the most skill) and more times then not, that guy is going to die.

I might only get one :slight_smile: but that’s all I aim to get. If I can get more then that then awesome. I know the guy I picked to die would have been the one to sway the game in their favor. Taking out key targets at the start of a match have devastating consequences for the enemy team.

SO… in closing, you can sit here all day telling me what I can’t do, while I’ll spend half the day doing exactly what you said can’t be done.


Even a single harvester build can make quick work of a hover, despite the harvester nerfs.
True, that might be your only kill, but sometimes that’s enough to shift the balance in your team’s favour.


I’m quickly realizing that the people who fail to do this… I mean REALLY do this… they’re the ones always complaining about dumb devs or OP parts/weapons.

Just quit crying, build something you think is fun to play with, and go play with it.

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That’s the game in a nutshell: build something you like, and try to succeed with it. Fail and rebuild.

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Or, you know… build something you don’t like, but will think will win, fail, then log onto the forum, Reddit, and Facebook to cry about it incessantly. :rofl: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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This aged REALLY well. Im not gonna go full poony and say the devs listen to me specifically, but well…never go full poony.


lol, that is good advice.

I would like to note that I don’t actually believe the devs are specifically listening to me. I doubt they even look directly at the forum, although the mods might pass them information. I just think it’s funny to take credit for changes that I ask for or predict.

I do think that some of us have a better idea what the devs’ vision for the game is, and are better able to predict changes than others.

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