Reduce max speed of Icarus VII to 85 kph


They need something done, a reduction in max speed to 85 would be a good start.

Also, for the Catalina, maybe make the bonus take longer to achieve. Maybe take 10% damage off from the start and increase the bonus gained by 1% per stack, giving it the same maximum buff at 10 stacks.


I do think that many builds are currently outclassed by hovers.

But you can build things that take them down super fast.

This thing goes 120 and drops a hover in a few seconds flat.


Solid build, but a Punisher hover in CW is going to rip one of those off before you ever make contact. That’s a whole nother can of worms though, as Harvesters HP has been powercreeped to the point it’s just not very durable anymore. The Omamori doesn’t allow for enough spacing to mount them both and still be a very effective width apart, imo.

A relic melee is called for at this point imo.

8 energy, U-shaped or L-shaped (so it can cradle what it’s touching as opposed to a flat surface such as the harvester). 1000 durability. 1500 kgs. Perk: 30% damage reduction to the user’s entire vehicle while dealing damage. Let’s a dog eat if it gets on the scene, has the durability not to get insta-glibbed, and has energy and weight comparable to a firebug build.


That’s a cool looking Harvester rig. I like the extra wide bars for more Flashing. I found Harvesters to be a rather frustrating experience. If someone uncloaks you, you get a Harvester shot off. If they don’t, you lose a Harvester whenever you hit an ammo pack or Apollo, which is quite often.

I propose that Harvesters have a high resistance to explosion damage to make up for the extreme loss of durability they have suffered through their various nerfs.


I want this. I think a stump remover on an arm would be pretty cool as well.

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It’s at 30% right now but wasn’t higher and they had to lower it to keep people from just using it as armor at lower PSs. It might be just be general durability that I was thinking of too though.

I have two harvesters I simply do not use any longer. I no longer sell nerfed weapons because I figure they’ll eventually buff them again, but it’s been a LONG time since Harvesters haven’t been trash. They don’t even last in easy raids or Adventure mode. Hit a couple of enemies & they’re toast. What’s the point in a melee weapon that is delicate?


There’s a scene in Mad Max Fury Road where the war rig is attacked with some sort of dual circular saw on a pole.
It looks like what they use to cut tree limbs away from power lines around here in the South of the US.
It’d be a fun toy, but I imagine controlling it AND your rig at the same time would be an issue. The solution might be to target enemy parts the way you do an enemy with the Caucus or Annhilator .


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I wonder if Omamori or Averter would be the better choice to buff the durability of Harvesters?

Is there any cabin that could buff the durability and be useful? Cohort and Machinist would be too slow.


I’ve tried… It’s nearly impossible to have two harvesters mounted on either the Omamori or Averter. Even if you manage it, it doesn’t buff them enough.

The Harvesters are apparently now made of fine china.

As for cabins, I usually use the Beholder. Pop on the Tormentor & an engine, keep the rig light & you can take out a hover pretty easy. The problem is, you’ll take out ONE hover before you lose a harvester. Pretty dumb weapon at this point.

Well at least your asking for a nerf to the parts your using almost exclusively in game. Chaseing meta in regular pvp is pretty tryhard derpy though.

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I finally got a spark yesterday, but I only have one harvester, so I’ve been trying to get it to work with a skinner and a Draco.
Harvester is mounted one block up from the frame, with the skinner and Draco behind it, and the Spark above them, and dog ears above.
I’m finding the addition of the Draco is helping a lot, as it sometimes pops explosives before the harvester reaches it.

What PS is that harvester/Draco/Skinner/Spark build?

It also has a shield in the front that covers the harvestors

Also I didn’t build it for CWs, this is a fun build for PvP.

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Being extra wide makes it so you can hold a hover in place better.

Also, that build has a Shield in the front of the car that covers the harvester blades.

So, I cloak up, and then when I go in for the kill if they uncloak me I hit the shield to guard the harvestors. If I’m close enough I just keep pushing at them. I normally hit them before my shield drops. Or if they are to far away I can run and have the shield to block hits.


I had an idea of putting the Haraate and the Gessan in front of the harvesters on rifts so you gain an extra 500 durability on the way in for only ~900 kgs. Pop the rifts and go in with your undamaged Harvesters


The current version is about 12kPS. It was higher, but I went down to four wheels. Six felt too sluggish, and I couldn’t carry much armour. Using aggressor, as the perk charges pretty quick when using Bigfoots, even when the wheels are spinning in place against an enemy.


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I have done this before and I always feel like it is a waste of armor. Since they made the shield 2 points it is easy to fit into a harvester build.

Besides that I have spent a lot of time in PvP NOT playing cars with a cloak module on purpose for practice . I do use “Beholder” Cabin a lot. By doing this I have had a lot of practice getting close to the enemy without stealth or with only a 5 second stealth. So when I play a car that has a fused purple stealth module it seems like I am invisible FOREVER :slight_smile:

Stealth is a crutch, I do use it because it is OP, but with practice you don’t really need it on many builds.


I feel the same… The Beholder is, IMHO, by far the best cab in the game. I find I don’t use the stealth all that often, but it saves my butt a lot.

They’re also really good for waiting in ambush for overly zealous enemies who rush in early.

With the copters, though, I have a stealth on almost everything. On the open maps, if you run into a team with even two good pyre players, not having a cloak is terrible.

If you’re using pyres and run into the rare skilled pilot with autocannons or MGs, not having a cloak on the city maps all but ends the match for you.