Reduce retchers bonus

Retchers are really so over power of course in hands of bots there are instant kill on 2 shots. Need change of bonus from 230% to only 120% for every 250m from. This changes destroy blocking targets in raids by players, ai super bots in matches and invisible rushers in PVP.

Or just shoot the 200 durability gigantic Retchers that are never protected on bots :eyes:

We had this discussion like 2 days ago on another thread. If you got demolished by a retcher bot who was free roaming, you or your team fucked up. The Retcher bot should have been priority number one. Extremely easy to take down, extremely punishing if you don’t.


This +1


Ok Still there is problem with blocking target by coop players in raids for example - they try maximize damage and block fire line (I see the main problem of retchers they are adapt like shotgun type weapon that is mistake). In PVP still have no reason because there hold true first shot is kill shot in case of retchers. But offer new type of weapons an make from retcher new big cannon weapon. :vulcan_salute: Or can be solved in simply way reduce damage of retcher about 80% and give them bigger shooting rate (cadence) about 30%

AI teacher fire is ungodly accurate, but the bots are still easy to outsmart. Target the Retchers, if you can’t, leave it to someone who can.

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You can´t get it first, because they are invisible and when start shooting its late because 1-2 shots destroy your car or weapons and you can do nothing than! Maybe if devs give players some generator which destroy invisibility in some field range. Or One option more make granades shooting from retchers slower and destroyable in air like rockets.

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What the current state is like reminds me of when people use to complain about hurricane span. If anything I’d rather see an item come out that is anti-blast or anti-grenade maybe similar to how the snowfall magically protects people from rockets. Perhaps also they could retune the Argus to go after grenades better (It does already say destructible projectiles.) if the grenades are not destructible perhaps they should be. Just offering some alternative solutions.

Normally a single paired retcher isn’t that hard to deal with, a flock of paired retchers builds on the other hand can be spamtastically annoying.

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This would be a nice change, but would make it another weapon useless against sparks

Would come down to which over heats first in the case of sparkies vs gernade launchers…

I disagree, the retcher will always lose as the rounds will explode apon leaving the barrel dealing blast damage to the weapon and surrounding parts. Same thing happens with rockets.

If you’ve let them get that close it’s already a different problem much like dodging projectiles lol. About the only thing that would fix the type of issue of them creating a self damage situation would be to make them inert for a certain distance but still allow them to be destroyed.

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This is a good compromise

They did it with porcs and fortunes a while ago for the same issue.


The retcher is perfect as is, in my humble little opinion. It takes skill to use it well since you have to lead your target and account for the tremendous drop in trajectory. Plus, it’s huge and fragile.

I find it’s great in the PVE modes where there are swarms of small bots or enemies hiding over bluffs and cliffs. In PVP, though… it’s all but useless since a good HUMAN enemy will shoot the thing off the second he sees you.