Reduced the time required to capture an enemy or neutral base!


Today and for the whole weekend, we are slightly adjusting the familiar rules of PvP battles.

We think that the majority of active players will agree that capturing a base in battles is not always seen as a priority for teams. This partly depends on the size of the map and the distance to the enemy base. But, more often than not, this process takes quite a long time.

That’s why we invite you to try out the battles with accelerated base capture process and evaluate how the gameplay and behavior of both your allies and opponents on the battlefield will change. From the evening of September 2 to the morning of September 5, the base capture process will be twice as fast! This change is relevant both for cases where the base is being captured by one player, and for cases when the base is captured by 3 players at once (the maximum number of players that increases the rate of base capture).

Attention! The change will be active from September 2, 12:00 GMT, until September 5, 05:00 GMT. The change is relevant only for the “Capture”, “Encounter” and “Control” modes. If necessary, the base capture rate can be changed or returned to the original rate ahead of schedule.

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Yeah fucking dumb they don’t understand their own game, assault needs to be left unchanged, I’m glad they know that, the cap time of neutral bases needs reducing and capturing bases already captured (not regular bases that start captured) needs to take twice as long, really simple.

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Just lose the bases.
The cap it’s just one more thing to worry about, a priority only if it’s absolutely necessary to not lose
The focus should be kill or be killed.
Kill’em all or be the last man standing.
A victorious match will be the cap.

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This capture base event is sh*t, I prefere random upgrade event like last week, there were always 3 random upgrade events one after the other.

Considering hwo often base capturing is just ignored and everything is “team deathmatch” it makes sense.
If its encounter - I get it, it is actually TDM - but missions with 3 bases SHOULD matter as different mose.
It just should be finetuned, so that slower builds have a chance too.

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But the thing is the balance between going to a base and fighting is a 50/50 but people would rather fight instead, capping a base in 15 seconds with 3 people, just base rush in a 3 stack every game, that’s what people will do, mines and shotgun meta builds capping before many other movement parts can even get to the base in the first place

This then just encourages spawn camping with mines traps and hold S hovers etc

its a big shit now not a game but shit! everyone just trying to get as soon as can to enemy base and cap it no more normal fights, 80% matches finished by base cap. Very bad decision

In a 20 minute match, i can understand because of that, but in a 5 minute match…came on, either team do have to get a move, to go.
this way, there’s a lot of games one could end with 0 kills or assists. In fact, one could end the game without even clear the guns.
0 shots, 0 kills, but in the end, victory.
Listen, caps are just a diversion, something to split your attention, without a cap, one can focus in getting (or get caught).
There’s still the clock to assure things remain in a reasonable time frame. (and we can add points for every build destroyed the team gain x points, for every build of that team that gets wrecked the team losses points).
they tested it in a event while the guiding star BP was on, it was cool

I kept being paired with a drone guy who completely understood the broken nature of it and when things looked rough we both just went to base to cap and capped it in like 45 seconds before got back fast enough… dumb, you can grab a cap point so fast

PVP today it’s been a farce.
why did they tweak with that?

AFAIK crossout has a server for testing stuff.
why did they put this on the live server?
Do we all have to be their guinea pigs?

If it’s not broken don’t fix it.

I’m a bit frustrated right now.
Yeah this “amazing” thing works both ways, but it takes the hunt away.

Turn out… When they run those tests on the test servers they seem to at least in english lang only get 20 people replying of various quality. Who knows what the quantity of turn out is for the other languages hopefully it’s better but normally you want a larger test sample sizes if you can get them.

it’s just an excuse. This type of things brings me very bad memories. A server averaging 24 k players online and the excuse was the same.
What i’m experiencing, it’s less everything. And i’m sure i’m not the only one
this shorter cap time it’s a bad idea, people will go more for one punch builds, rush more and dps based weapons will suffer, along with slower moving parts.
There are games were both teams just trade caps, put up to 3 or 4 builds to be sacrificed and there’s a win.
The probability of not collecting a reward afterwards it’s greater too
Increasing the cap time will not be the answer IMO.
I just don’t get. Why this? why now?
i’ve been in games where i didn’t shoot a single round because there’s no time to waste if i want to reach the red cap.
tomorrow i will try a different approach, i will mount a chameleon on one of my old racers and see what happens.

Knee jerk reactions aplenty.

I think I’ll play the game, see how it goes and then decide my opinion on the change. Bias defeats the purpose.

It’s such shit trust me

Shorter raids this is what we need!
But If u want to reduce cap time do it this way, let ppl cap the base in your time but everytime when enemies which are capturing the base get (hitted ,shooted,damaged) some part of the base which they captured will go away. Something like World of warships example.

They won’t shorten the grind lol

I don’t like this change, makes slower builds and heavy cabins even more useless, and now we also have rush capture instead of just general rush

How on earth can this game be run by such idiots


It is a temporally change, it is supposed to be there so they can see what would happen with battles with it, i don’t think it is getting the “desired result”’ so they won’t re-inplement it after the weekend ends…

this base capture is completely zero. we spend more time changing maps and games than playing.