Reduced Upgrade Cost for Cabins

r/Crossout - Reduced upgrade cost for cabins!

Hello, survivors!

Today we once again offer you the opportunity to profitably upgrade the cabins that you have been keeping in your storage. If you don’t have any — hurry up and get those that you have long dreamed of!

Just like last time, the cabins featured in the “Road to Singularity” and “Depths of the Wasteland” workbenches, as well as several others, are not participating in this promotion. You can view the full list of cabins participating in the promotion directly in the game.

From September 29, 12:00 GMT, to October 1, 23:59 GMT, you will need only one additional (identical) part to upgrade your cabins (instead of two).

I finally got it! The +Power Hadron. Thank God my roll went through. I had an extra +Mass Hadron from the mini pass. If you use one stabilizer on the three traits of the build, the other two will switch. I locked the trait -Mass and rolled the other two. That means I had a 50 percent shot at +power and 50 percent shot at +tonnage. I wasn’t ready for the event as I only had 1 gold stabilizer.

The idea behind +power Hadron is that you can have a good hover ride with only a Hot Red engine. The fused Hot Red, +22 percent power, and the fused Hadron+20 percent power combine to make something that is +42 percent power, which is nearly as good as using a Colossus which is +50 percent power.

This frees up energy for impossible builds, like:

2 Helicon, King, Flywheel hover with full 60 percent reload or 4 Porc King Flywheel hover with 60 percent reload.

Or, a Porc Flash hover with an Oppressor that actually reaches 90kph.
Or, maybe something with Omnis.

I have been after this cab for a long time.


Hmnn, I think this might be a good time to finally fuse a harpy. I use it for so many builds, but I hate how sluggish it feels compared to other light cabins.

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Congrats Darth! I have used that fuse, on that cabin, on a ton of builds.

I’m not sure I’m going to fuse anything this time.
I do have a few cabins I want a second one of for different stats, but I already have every cabin in the game fused with duplicates of some of them.

What I’m more excited about is this means the rotation of “2 for 3” fuse events has started and I got a bunch of Legendary weapons I want to fuse.

Let’s hope weapons comes in a few weeks :slight_smile:

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Right. I felt the same way about Harpy. The perks are overpowered but you have Catalina and Blight and Griffon and Kami just oozing engine power. After using those cabs, Harpy seemed unusable. The fuse fixes that and once its fixed, the perks seem overpowered with no drawbacks.

My best build is currently Harpy Helicon Colossus. It can really scoot and Harpy increases blast volume by about double what its perk says. If it increases blast radius 20 percent, it increases the volume of the blast sphere about 40 percent according to the formula 4/3 pi r^3.

This is disgusting. Also, the + ammo perk is extremely helpful, because you only need one fused ammo box for whatever you are doing.

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I’m trying to think of another basic utility cabin that I want to fuse, and it’s pretty much the only one.
I might fuse a deadman if they aren’t too expensive, but it already feels pretty good unfused.
Maybe I’ll fuse a werewolf, just to prove it’s not as useless as people say.

I did a quick toss for a quantum but that was it. I got dmg reduction, self destruct dmg +, + mass limit… If I feel like rerolling it I’ll wait till next time. I’m often iffy on upgrading cabs though. I don’t see it as much as a need to do with the exception of weight management i.e. can’t do the build without it.


Noice…but i have like 30 fused cabs. I think im good for now.


Ok I did a Bat 2 as I’m thinking about stuff to do a limited angle cannon build with and got one out of a crate. Got Durability +, Sd dmg+, Mass limit + Have no plans on re-spinning it till next event maybe.


Moment I’ve been waiting for and sell 2 hadron’s for big profit.

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Have you been siting on them?

I wasn’t sitting on them for long, I bought them when the hadron tanked during that last mini bp we had. I bought 1 for 2500ish and the other for around 2650. If the price can go up to 3500 ill sell the 2650 one too but I got at least one for sale as of now.

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I bought a harpy to fuse mine, but it wasn’t on the list.

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I normally forget to check too…


I hate that.

I did it last time with Hammerfalls

Still have 4 waiting for the fuse.


I have a few arbs sitting around like that.

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