Reduced upgrade cost for weapons on April 1! (SCAM?)

Within minutes, the general chat was flooded with negative comments from nincompoops upset at getting a surprise discount weapons upgrading event just 61 days after the previous one. Which is some 4 months before one was expected. While all they had to do was to read the news post.

Anyway, here’s a list of some of the recipes:
Emily: 1 Mace
Guardian: 1 Leech
Hawk: 1 Junkbow
Pyralid: 1 Tempura
Sidekick: 1 Sinus
Sinus: 1 Sidekick
Summator: 1 Pyralid
Synthesis: 1 Emily
Tempest: 1 Executioner
Barrier IX: 1 Phoenix
Clarinet: 1 Fafnir
Cricket: 1 Mauler
Fat Man: 1 Therm
Fuze: 1 Whirlwind
Mauler: 1 Pyre
Miller: 1 Assembler
Owl: 1 Incinerator
Remedy: 1 Tackler
Skinner: 1 Caucasus
Thresher: 1 Lancelot
Trombogna: 1 Yaoguai
Yaoguai: 1 Trombogna
Annihilator: 1 Harvester
Avalancha: 1 Pulsar, 2 Trombognas
Heather: 1 Fortuna, 2 Guardians
Toadfish: 1 Waltz
Waltz: 1 Assembler, 2 Therms
El Scorpion: 1 Punisher, 2 Vindicatores

Switching the item tiers in some of the recipes seems fitting for this holiday. :clown_face: I assume there’s a legendary upgraded with an epic…

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:rofl: :clown_face:

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Here is a good one: 1 Kaiju 1 Parser

I’m not amused. I saved duplicate weapons for this occasion, so I could perform upgrades, and now I can’t because I DON’T HAVE THE BOGUS WEAPON. I have 4 Millers and wanted to upgrade 1 of them, now I may just as well sell it, because I don’t have an Assembler and don’t plan on having an Assembler any time soon.

Is this actually real?
Not really looking to upgrade anything, but hoping this drives up the price of some stuff I’ve been wanting to sell.

Yeah it’s real.

It’s actually not a bad idea but some of the upgrade costs (items) are higher than the item’s themselves. lol


Here is another good upgrade: a Vindicator for a Jubokko.

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Thank you dev team, now I got 3 fused Helios and 3 fused Fortunes :slight_smile:

Time to start building this weekend!


What are the crafting recipes for Helios and Fortune?


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1 Heather for Fortune and 1 Reacher for Helios

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ALSO!! I know this will not affect many people. But you can also use fused items to craft with.

So if you have some fused item you want to get rid of, you can use it in this event to fuse!

This is a great chance to get value out of bad fused bp items. Here is another good deal: Dracos for Vultures. Draco fusions are all excellent and Vultures are cheap trash. I have 2 bp ones still. I think I’m going to buy a Draco, and then get 2 rolls on it. I want 25 percent heat, Overheat, and durability or resistance but mostly I just want +25 percent heat.

2 Bugs and a fused Draco build for burning through some fat spiders sounds like a lot of fun.

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Update. I bought a Draco and fused it with a BP Vulture. +25 percent heating, +10percent overheat +10 percent Resistance to all Damage on my first roll!!!

To celebrate, I mounted it between my Bugs on my Firedog and took it into battle. A few thoughts:

  1. This Firedog really works against spiders. I burned down a Bastion Reaper spider from the front in about 5 seconds. If you take it from the side, you go through the legs much more quickly with 2 Bugs and a perfectly fused Draco rather than just 2 Bugs.
  2. This Firedog is much better against Breaker/Hammer bricks than 2 Firebugs and a Flash are. The reason is that you burn through them fast enough to not take a bunch of return damage. This firedog with Blight perk activated does 10k on the damage meter in about 9 seconds.
  3. It is extremely hard to hit hovers with this firedog if they are looking for you, but if you catch them unaware you can burn them down in seconds.

All in all, cool build. I highly recommend it for fire Afficionados. It is played different than a Flash Firedog. It is much more destructive but it is harder to use.


argument to upgrade spectre aint a bad deal

I’ve been making various dual remedy, single Draco builds for a while, and they’re effective in a similar way at a much lower power power score.
What wheels are you running? Other modules? My current version has an interceptor in there, and a maxwell to help me hunt.

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Hi, I run my firedog on 8 Hermits. 2 Non-Steering mid rear and 6 steering. I run it with Colossus and Phobos. For modules, I use a Seal, a cloak and I either go with Interceptor or Doppler. Whenever I have my Doppler, I wish I had my Interceptor and vice versa. I prefer Doppler slightly more, because Kapkans are not as common as they used to be. It would be nice to drop the Seal and have both, but I need my Seal as well. There are some nasty health bricks out there, like Breaker Ermak builds that take some time to burn through.

Are you thinking of the Draco fusion? I highly recommend it if you have BP vultures lying around.

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I’m considering the fusion, but I actually play the vultures sometimes with a Yaoguai, and not sure I want to dump them. I’d rather fuse the blight.
I don’t usually bother with the Seal, but I sometimes regret it. Trying to pulse my flames a bit to stretch out the overheat cycle.
I think I have red hot in there currently, but it might be a cheetah. Six hermits, two non-ST.
I’m never really satisfied with my module/engine mix. I really like having a radar detector of some kind, and miss it when I swap it out. And obviously I need a cloak.