Regarding the knight's chest

Does anyone have any information regarding what pieces can be exchanged in the box, as is well known, you have to spend a lot of time to reach the gold league to obtain the reward and I want to know if it is worth it

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You can chose any epic you want when opening the crate. Whether this includes pack epics or not I do not know. Anyone know if pack epics are among the choices? It would be nice to get a king mine this way.

That’s a really cheap reward for the highest league reward imo.(since diamond dont have any and I’m really wondering why too)
Half of the choices are pretty meh or not that amazing.
If it had better/more choices and/or let’s say legendary instead, I would probably digress but no thanks, as fun as the mode is, not worth it for me.

I guess it’s one step forward the good direction though, no russian roulette crates this time around.


Is this the container rewards?

it remind me of my grandfathers presents when i was very young, instead of toys, they used to give me socks or pyjamas or clothes, useful but not excitement.
I mean the rewards across the board has not been very good, scrap metal, cooper, plastic…WTF?
where’s the decor pieces, paints and whatnot?
Months ago i noticed in the customization tab a bunch of lanterns/torches, round shields , helms of the medieval era at sale but i was too late, next day they weren’t there anymore.
This event was perfect for such rewards but instead… the devs must be very old people and must have grandchildren

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Unless your using one of the items in crafting the reward is kind of slim, you can kind of just select the one with the highest market value though. The reward seems low for the effort though… I can net the same from badges. If they gave away an good upgraded version it would have trade offs too. I think I’d prefer an upgraded version with an increased salvage cost as a reward though.

That is not worth it.

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Same with my grandparents. Socks, underwear and soaps and razors. And my grandpa would give me tools and stuff. My other grandparents were cooler. My papa was a gamer. He gave me a Nintendo when I was like eight. And I got a gamegear later. Polar opisites those sets of grandparents were.