Regular mode aircraft balance

I think 1000 plus 20% original PS is reasonable:

When you originally have 3000ps, the use of rotors will increase (1000+600) ps, which adds up to 4600ps
and when you have 10000ps, the use of rotors will increase (1000+2000) ps, which adds up to 13000ps

when the original PS exceeds 12000, the use of flight is prohibited

In addition, let it have a larger hit area, making it possible to be destroyed by damage from the ground

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No thank you, it’s a temp part that’s relegated to a special brawl, even if it’s made a perm part then I don’t see it being in normal PVP/PvE modes, so any changes to it now or ever unless needed isn’t sensical

Yes, the current activity mode does not need to be changed,The special mode emphasizes air combat, so it is desirable that the rotor have greater capabilities I forgot to mention it, I mean if it goes into other regular modes later, so that the change will make it balanced

you can’t balance the helicopter bladed with power score alone that wont just fix the innate problems with a flying vehicle targeting a ground vehicle
with a flying vehicle you have a power score of 8K ps using 6 pyres on a harpy cab right
that setup would be able to beat a 17k mastodon vehicle quite easily, you would be a near impossible target to shoot mid air, flying around, doing barrel roles and what not, sending a barrage of constant homing missiles at your enemy, this is not acceptable at all
half the weapons in game can’t even aim up at the helicopter to even try to shoot at it, your only real defense against a helicopter is homing missiles, and bullet spam

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great idea!

my clanmates cousin knows one of the devs and he told me theyre going to implement it further down the line.

im really looking forward to it, mostly because of all the incoming tantrums and bedwetting, mostly. are you scared?

I’m seeing allot of bedwetting already, i made a post trying to discuss how to balance helicopters and i don’t think a single person in my post actually, wants to discuss how to balance helicopters, it is just 50 people saying “don’t want them, they ruin balance because helicopter ruin balance” and that is about as much as I’m getting, like does no one want to talk about how they could work in game? or how they could be balanced?
honestly the way i see it, helicopters could be an amazing addition and make homing rockets actually usable in CW
but people obviously need a way to actually take down helicopters that is not just “here’s anti air weapons” we need an actual solution per build in terms of “how does this build type deal with helicopters?”
how do mele, shotgun and short range builds deal with helicopters? map changes? being able to hide form helicopters at base capture locations perhaps?
how do long range builds deal with helicopters? getting hits with a cannon is hard enough at times, will a flying thing be easy enough to hit with a cannon? what about cannons that have restricted movement like the typhoon or tsunami? how will they deal with helicopters? will we get higher firing angles on fixed rotation cannons?, do we need a lock on/ auto aim system for cannons when they verse helicopters? do we need a new sonar tracking module that costs 1 energy and can specifically target helicopters?
i personally don’t feel like machine guns will have to much of a problem dealing with helicopters while being on the ground, they can shoot down homing missiles quite well and if they are hit-scan you can track the helicopters fairly easily
these questions really need to be answered and resolved before helicopters are added to the game and allot more discussing needs to happen around the topic

personally i don’t care if they are added to the game or not, all i know is that, if they are added to the game, i would much prefer we take time to discuss it first, if they add helicopters to the game without balancing them, i may consider quitting for a while until they fix the problems

Scare of what … Exactly?

well of copters in pvp, duh. maybe you think you couldnt adapt, overcome, improvise? i for one am not a baby, i can adapt, overcome and improvise, hoorah!

Hey Muppet, take your pill
I said four words to ask you what was I supposedly afraid of not one, kinda asinine to just high light one word when it was a four-word respond!

Duh duh to you too, you never specify what you were accusing me of being afraid of, use clear and intelligent sentences, explain yourself, and specify what you’re accusing someone of!

Not everyone went to and graduated from a hand up the behind Uni/college with a major in Muppet talk and full of thy self!
No, I’m not afraid of that, I just think it’ll be a cluster fudge like it is in the copter mode, this isn’t a battle copter game, that’s what it would turn into if these copter blades were allowed into the main game modes, there is a thing called moving away from your roots, when that happens the game stops being what it use to and changes, hovers are one thing but hardly anyone will use ground vehicles if they were allowed to use rotor blades!
Bad enough people want actual mech legs in here, while they could just play the numerous mech games just like you could play the numerous flying games

You sure about that you seem to gotten salt factory levels of salt towards me for no reason … :joy: :rofl: :poop: :clown_face:

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might be you are right . mybkexperience

I think helicopters could be worked into the main game, but it would be tricky.
I think maybe giving helicopters a limited air time before recharging could help balance them. A big PS increase too: these are definitely a legendary movement part, and equivalent to at least six epic parts.

They’d also have to make maps bigger, which could make things annoying for spiders and tanks. I guess they could try to put in a lot of overhead cover in the new outskirts added to the maps.