Regular pvp during uranium event

Anyone else notice how regular pvp was much more better during uranium event when the sweats and cheesers and their metas were all grinding away at the event?

During the uranium event the regular pvp matches were way more fun in general

Nope but if you want it like that always I’ll be ok with it.

Uranium mode coming back every now and then, rather than being always available, maybe one week or two weeks per month or so on, so the people kind of have to play it rather than regular pvp full-time, could do wonders to build diversity and regular pvp matches

Because the uranium week was really fun, instead of the usual stuff the only abundant build I seemed to come across were narwhal hovers, other than that it was many types of guns and builds galore and I didn’t see a single multi-person group running around

Nothing wrong with that I wouldn’t have minded if I saw it finished in 30 or so matches. I don’t normally put in that many but it would have been ok to stride towards it.