Relic Artillery Suggestion

Hey guys its me again with a random suggestion that I have had kicking around, I would love some feedback on the subject. More perspectives always help when I try to balance out game suggestions! Anyway the subject matter of this post is a 14 energy rocket artillery system. I wanted to work off the 1 weapon balancing method to try and make something appropriately powerful, but also, putting all of your eggs in one basket. I envision the weapon as something similar to the real like katyusha rocket system. So it would fire its payload in a sequential volley off the rocket rack (like how the mandrake does) unlike the heather which launches everything at once. This would give it a larger spread area but less alpha damage on one target, to compensate for this I envision the rockets having a relatively large explosive radius individually; Anyway now onto the weapon itself.

Name: RA-2 Brimstone
Rarity: Relic
Type: Rocket Artillery
Energy Cost: 14 pts
Shot type: Sequential volley (8 rockets)
Reload: Moderate
Blast Radius: Large
Damage: High end of medium (maybe 500-700 per rocket)
Range: High
Spread: High
Durability:700 pts
Mass: 2400 Kg

Perk: (Blackout artillery)
If an enemy armored vehicle receives damage from RA-2 brimstone they will be hit with an EMP pulse that will disable their vehicle for 2 seconds (like the old typoon)

I envision this as a nice way to crowd control during a fight, and see it as less oppressive than the old typhoon given the inherent inaccuracy of an artillery system. A well timed shot from the brimstone could turn the fight in the favor of your allies.


The biggest balancing drawback would be how much can you tilt the weapon before it doesnt fire? If you already have it at a more horizontal than vertical trajectory, tilting it like an incenerator could make this a 1shot MOAB gun similiar to the old mandrake tilted builds, but much much more powerful. If you make it so it cant tilt and be fired, you end up with 0 short-medium range ability, whereas the heather and mandrake can be tilted in such a way as to fire only 50-100m in front of you.

MOAB potency or unuseable within 200m. Thats the hiccup im seeing so far.

I would prefer to keep it with the same kind of trajectory the mandrake and heather already have. So unusable within a certain distance.

Or big Tomahawk which you can control and hit target :slight_smile:

There are just too many weapon suggestions, as far as I know the developers are very lazy about designing new weapons, even if it could bring them good money

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Right but I’m pretty sure they pull new weapons out of the player suggestion pool. So who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky.

Sounds Fun

Where is Here The Difference Between Rockets ? :thinking: Like on Katyusha

I Would Say… New Artillery Should Have New POV/Trajectory :relieved::tipping_hand_man: That’s It :hugs:Sure is. It Can’t be The Same Like Mandrake Again. This Time WithOut Flame/Burning DMG on Ground. :thinking:Maybe Single Bullets Like Cannon with Magazine…

Other Kind Of Weapon Could be A Glue/Ice Cannon/Mortar :laughing: Sticks/Freeze EveryThing in The Area Hahaha

The difference is that it shoots larger rockets one after another, rather than the heather shooting a large volley of smaller rockets simultaneously.

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SomeThing Like This but Lower😛

How about a relic module, called a “guidance system” that shows projected landing spot of artillery on the mini map. I’m afraid if something like this came out that it wouldn’t be very fun to play.

Its artillery, it will always be a niche thing. There are those out there (myself included) that love the different play style they offer. Not every weapon appeals to every person, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Also, so more people understand the inspiration behind this design I will link a video explaining the real life weapon that inspired the idea (also history is fun).

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WW2 Best Time Ever :sunglasses::heart: and Still Best Weapon Designs :ok_hand: