Relic daily aid crate

Who would think it’ll be cool to get daily Relic aid crates as a challenge thing like win 100 matches to earn the crate and get 10 uranium, im just thinking bout the whole crossout community


I would prefer they give 24 hr relic crates…crates which give you a full set of a relic to use for 24 hrs. To clarify, 2 6 energy relics, 3 5 energy relics, 4 4 energy relics, and 5 3 energy relics. That would allow players to experience different relics.


That would be cool to upgraded with less mass for 24hrs for the heavy relics

lol we all know it wont happen


The prices of it… ~600 c per 10 urinium now.
18 000 Per month… for 100 wins each day. Sounds fair by me. But devs seem to like their whaling business. They could add this challenge to premium sub though… but still doesn’t sound realistic
Now to think about it… doing 100 wins, each day… getting 600 coin, and you won’t get a single relic in a month… and even this is way too much to hope for.
Gosh, what this morons reduced us to… farming relic per year? =S

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Hmm. These would have to be bind to account and a reward for doing something significant. I like this idea.

Create a crafting recipe for temporary 24 hour relic crates in which you choose 1 set of any relic. Cost is 10 uranium. Crate ends up costing w.e 10 uranium on your platform. Its burns peoples coins, increases demand for uranium, new players get to play with the fun toys, and the cherry, and all that would be a devs wet dream imagine. Coins get burned, players have fun, and people aspire to get relics. Itd also dramatically increase CW participation.

Ngl, i think this is a killer idea on all fronts.

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Hmmm. Hmmm. 99% of the people I play with here, can’t even get 1 uranium. I got 1 because they gave it to me for free for some reason. Not that I didn’t try to get more! I failed. Ah well. :weary:

24-hour relic crates? And when it’s over, and you go back to the stuff you actually own :face_with_diagonal_mouth:, you wind up depressed because you realize you may never have a relic of your own any time soon. :rofl:


lol i know that feeling, i sold my 3 puns for an odin gen and now im a noob with an odin lol

Nah, youre armed to the teeth and can earn uranium for a day in CWs as much and as far as your skill can take you. If you cant earn 5 wins to break even with a full set of relics, it wasnt meant to be for you anyways. If youre good at the game, you could parlay that 10 uranium into 40, into a relic, into a set of relics, etc.

what skill using aim assist and camera traction if ur on console lol ya thats some skill

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Bruh, 100 win every day is for people who have no job and no social life. That’s like 4 hours of XO with a 100% win rate and super short queues. Do maths for responsible adults next time plz.

Seriously I’m more likely to go work outside and waste my pay on this crap than slave on XO like a lemming. Fucking 600 coins for 6+ hours of my life every day? Garbage deal.

Besides, the price would tank, so it would never be 600 lmao, more like, 150 because of people who think XO is a job or something.

I did.

There are some like that.
Funny thing that even that level of… “commitment” will only give you half relic per month, if prices hold that is(which they won’t), and most nerd already run fused ones, and even 10 uranium per day is something we can only… dream of?? No wonder people are leaving this mess.

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CC should award Uranium fragments.

These exist on PC also. I am not sure what your point is, but it’s not correct. I play both platforms.

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