Relic pulse Cannon idea

before reading the post keep in mind:

scorpion = pulse acelerator
adapter = pulse rifle
kaiju = pulse cannon

ok now starting the post:

so i was thinking with myself…

what if we had a relic that you could only use a single one on a regular vehicle…
i weapon actually powerful enough to be deserving the of “relic”

a high energy consuming weapon, just like the kaiju!

so i putted my singular brain cell to work, and got this:

relic pulse cannon (i have not choosen any names, i’m bad with naming):

"as soon as the syndicate landed foot on the valley, the steppenwolfs knew that things woudn’t be so peacefull…
the syndicate started causing chaos among the valley, eliminating anyone who dared to step foot on their path.
but as soon as the syndicate started atacking the steppenwolfs, they learned that things would need to change, that they would need to adapt;
after multiple failed attempts at retaliating against the syndicate, one of the survivors decided it was enought.
after having all his squadron eliminated, instead of running into certain death, he was smarter, snuck everything he could inside the trunk of his truck, picking as many of the enemy technology he could, he ran back to base, with parts of the technology of their enemys, tons of it, but one in particular took the spotlight.
a pulse cannon, nicknamed by the enemy as the “kaiju” after being broken into pieces was not as much as usefull, at that moment at least.
Engeers of the steppenwolfs kept studying and analizying what was left of it for months without rest, until they could piece it all back together.
and this is how this monster was born.

charging the weapon gradually reduces it’s turning speed, and the vehicle’s amored speed, going down to 30 KM an hour"

(beware, youtube did the best it could to make the qualyty as bad as possible)


charge time 4 seconds (the same as the kaiju)

durability: 150 pts

energy drain: 11 pts

mass: 2500 kg


"if the power nodes(it has a 4x4 section of them below the midle of the weapon, the total of the weapon’s base itself is 6x6) are all touching the cabin, the weapon will then share the same durability as the cabin(cabin durabilty, the one added by armor parts, the white bar at the botton of your screen in battles)(if the weapon recieves damage, the cabin will also take damage too as they share the same health pool) but the cabin will recieve 10% extra damage from every source"

way the weapon functions

shoots 6 projectiles when fully loaded 2 at a time with a slight dellay every 2 until all 6 are discharged, each one doing 110 damage to a total of 660.
(the kaiju shoots 14 procitles, the next one dealing more damage than the last, dealing up to a total of 800 damage per volley without considering the perk.
also, it takes just as long as the kaiju to discharge all the shots.

what do you people think about the weapon? what are you people’s opinion on it?

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Repeatedly, there are so many legendary weapons without its relic, do they all have to have it?

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a 11 energy weapon setup would be cheaper than getting 3-4 low energy consuming relics, so it could bring a start and be a option for the first relic to obtain, even if it used 3 legendarys instead of 2, it would still be more affordable than most relic setups

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