Relic raids: a PVE uranium gain concept

Relic raids would cost 100 fuel and be limited to 5 runs a week, these would be seen as 4 star raids and in all of them 3 players are their normal build while the 4th is either their levi or a pre set levi example ides.

In all of these raids the enemy is ravagers. good luck.


Objective escort the delivery driver through the ravager controlled zone. once they get to their destination a virus will be uploaded and disable all nearby ravagers forcing a local command node out, lure it into the trap and destroy it to win.

At the start a player is picked to be a pre build transport levi, And you have to protect them. they have to pick up ammo along the way as none of their guns are loaded at the start, the levi is a pre built, and would have a few modules.

drone, a manual turret, and support deploy each on a key 1,2,3

  1. drones deploys 2 engineer themed combat cars armed with twin blue MGs, these stay active until destroyed.

  2. manual turret, a reaper that you can aim like a caucus, find ammo on the map to load it and shoot.

  3. support, deploys 1-3 repair drones to fix allies.

These are found in supply boxes along the path. if the levi or an ally picks them up the levi gets one charge or 50 rounds. so supporting the levi is needed.


In this one a player at random is their levi, the other 3 are normal cars. you must fight and destroy a ravager stronghold taking out several objectives in a ramped up hack mode, destroy generators then head over to plant a bomb on the nodes they where shielding, once the bomb is planted protect it and move to the next one.

A boss will spawn at each generator. so be careful.


Played on the escort maps, a steppenwolf, firestarter, or dawns attack force is stranded move through the map and rescue each group evacing survivors onto your levi, once again pre built levi with the smae power ups as before.


A concept from reddit.

Clan comps in this mode.

At the end of the week each clan will get bonus materials, uranium and other things based on their placement in a few catigories while solos can do the raids they will not get these rewards.

Fastest completion
Clan with the fastest completion time on the raid of the week will get a bonus amount of Uranium and a decor box.

Most kills
clan with most overall kills will get a bonus, note this may prevent you from getting the time one as the enemy spawns are consant but timed.

least deaths and damage taken over the five matches, clans only get their entry after completeing all 5 matches a loss counts as 10 death for each player. so watch out.

Hidden finder
Unique all who end up in this get the reward, this one requires clans and players to talk to each other, the objective find a crate hidden on the raid of the week and collect it, once collected respawning isn’t allowed and you must make it to the end of the level.

Every group that completes this will get bonus materials, and a unique sticker.

Oh On the thought of a balanced amount or uranium to give.

As this is something even none clan can do, it would have to be low so my guess is 1-3 per run and all players get the same amount.

you get 1 just for completing it, 2 if you complete it under X time, and 3 if you complete it with less then 2 total deaths.

This would allow 15 Uranium per week for none clan players. Clans would of course get bonus Uranium from the weekly comps concept above.

attempt #418 to get free uranium through cheesing a pve mode. dont you get it, the day this potentially happens will be the beginning of the end!

i dont know about the current uranium prices, but a steady income of uranium used to mean you were good when it came to easily getting all the epics, maybe legendaries, you wanted.

“the business model” doesnt have room for pve newps getting uranium, theyre supposed to pay. so if and when this happens itll signal the last big squeeze of the paying customers.

this may seem harsh, but seriously you yourself have been around here long enough to witness the countless times this idea has been proposed. here they dont even read it anymore, only charlie is babysitting us.

how is it cheesing when players will still have to play their best.

Also uranium isn’t even in the equation for most players?

if its a repeatable pve mode it will boil down to cheesing it, because ai generally sucks, especially in games. e.g. every single crossout pve event ever. “doing your best” means something like tusk for chase or trapping the levi in those modes, porcs/retcher/kapkan, cheesy.

that means people are quickly going to learn how to reliably farm any pve mode. combine this with the wishful thinking of getting 1-3 uranium per raid and youd have everybody farming this special raid and never paying again.

uranium is expensive because its rare. its rare because its actually “hard” to get. i dont know, have you ever earned uranium before?

for most it either involves paying a lot and then getting in a crappy clan and get rekt 24/7 or not paying and suffering longer in crappier clans. then after 50h or so of cw sessions of which youll lose 80% you might get your first uranium, probably already in another, better clan. then you slowly grind and use the little uranium you earn to get some competitive builds.

uranium is rare by design and it seems youre oblivious to how much easier, meaning common, this would make earning it, which is also the reason why i believe it wont ever happen unless in a last ditch effort to bring back interest in the game.

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Uranium isn’t hard to get is is just having to deal with the worst of the game to get it right now.

if you dont like the competetiveness in cw i can see you want ather way for uraniun
Then just only market buying. at the moment.

Stil they would need make it very limited to grind or get a payout.
Atherwise it will effect the uranium that is made in cw fighting.

I dont wane sound rash but ive always earned the uranium most of the time true CW or market things by conversion of items / crafting or i use event epic chest drops to get a item for crafting something (for a cheaper price / effort duration).

This year i was able to craft / grind myself coins for different things.
including sometimes the use of coupons we get for insta crafting.

but sadly ive run out of anything profitable. at the moment.

Also this resource only is here because of CW which a lot of people forget.
Somebody needs to earn it and want to sell it to have any kind of market for this resource.

Muppet does not have a good approach to talking to people, but he’s not wrong.

That is why there would be specific challanges where you compete against other clans for the real rewards. let those who want to cheese and ruin the game for themselves and their group do so. the reward is maxed as you have a limited ammount of runs.

Reminder five runs per week, and if it needs it the Uranium can be changed to 1 per run for all in it and only if you win. so max of 5 per week from the raid.