Relic Tier List 7-20-2023

Here’s my current relic tier list. I play Porcs, Bugs, Flash and Helicons

Regular Clan Wars/PVP

S Tier

S+ Scorpion. This is still the best. I thought it would be bad after three nerfs but my friends still seem to be killing and degunning everything with it.

S Firebug Flash. This completely dominates Scorpions. Firebugs are more versatile than other melee because they aren’t stopped by a train plow and you don’t have to have a perfect burn to win. The increase of durability for Firebugs and Flash as well as the lowering of Icarus VII hover and loss of speed of Icarus VII have put Firebug in its current position.

S- Mastodon. These have been killing lately. They have a huge blast radius and a ton of bullet damage. They completely engulf small builds and have put Thor generator out of business.

A+ Punisher. These are still good. I don’t care what anyone says. They have a lot of degunning power. Also, unlike Nothungs and Arbiters, they don’t need a lot of coolers and radiators so you can have room for radars, especially the Verifier. This makes you much better against rush builds.

B Porcupines. These have their uses, but the repeated nerfs to Kapkans and the speed nerf to Echo cabin have hit Porcs hard.

B Helicons. These are quite powerful on the right build and used by a good rocket player on a map with some hiding places. If you don’t have those things, they don’t work very well. I have an Omamori and a train plow to protect mine and they can take some serious hits. They could use a perk boost as the perk rarely becomes a factor in any match.

C Typhoons. These are weak and don’t hit hard enough to be taken seriously.

C Jormungandr. These hit hard but are too easy to degun to be taken seriously. I can degun a whole deck of Jorgs in 1-2 Helicon volleys. I think that Kronos might really help these.

C- Breaker. These don’t do much damage and are easier to degun than Hammerfalls. I usually beat these in my Cyclone hover.

D. Ripper. These don’t do much and are easy to degun.

Levi Wars

S+ Ripper. These murder levis better than any other weapon and you can decide wins by how many Ripper saws are on the enemy team. Ripper saws take all AI focus off everyone else. Also, they stop a levi and make them lose all forward momentum. This is serious because most levis have a difficult time gaining speed. Also, it doesn’t take very many saws to completely deframe an enemy levi and win the game. No gun does more in levi wars.

S Flash. These are a mainstay of levi wars either with Porcupines or as a stand alone weapon. These royally mess up levis on both sapping the reload and by causing a loss of engine power.

A+ Porcupines. These hit levis hard but most of the damage comes from sitting in Porc fire. If you can get a levi to stop for any reason, a Levi can die in 3 volleys in about 8 seconds.

A+ Punisher These have a field day in Levi wars degunning favorite levi wars weapons, such as Ripper, Flash, Toadfish, Scorpion, Porcupine, Imp and Athena.

A- Helicon These do big damage and add heating. When placed on a levi, the AI makes them never miss and they hit like a truck as well as increasing the damage of all other weapons.

B+ Scorpion A crack degunner on Scorpions has a great place in levi wars.

B+ Jormungandr. These can wipe out an entire deck of levi weapons with heating. I think they are going to be good with an Aegis and the new Kronos cab, but I want to see it.

B Breaker. These are good on chunky builds to degun Levis and the sort of flimsy weapons used in Levi wars.

B Firebug Blight is too flimsy for levi wars and builds tend to bounce off of levis without doing significant damage. They murder hover levis most foully, but hover levis are rare.

B Mastodon Spiders are generally too slow for levi wars unless you have a full spider team with massive hit points. Then they can be quite good, as they can heat a huge area. The perk of the Pegasus cabin may really help Mastodon shine as it allows spiders with massive amounts of Goliath tracks to still function.

C Nothing.

D Typhoon. These shoot too slow and do too little damage for levi wars. Maybe they’d be good on a Hadron, King, Flywheel Gerrida spider, but I haven’t seen this build in the hands of a good player and don’t know if it would actually be effective.


Sorry my dude this list is completely wrong…

Breaker worst than jormungandr? never. Breaker still one of the most used in clan wars. And i really doubt you beat them with a cyclone hover, maybe with big luck and hes not focusing you.

Firebug is top of list also.



Whatever shotgun is your favorite, both are in a sorry state. I have one on one battles against all three on Nothung/Cyclone/Destructor/Stillwind/Helicon hovers. They only seem to have winning odds against Stillwinds. This is because Stillwinds are huge and don’t have very many hit points.

My Cyclones have more than 800 durability each, they are fused for spread, with Falcon and there are 3 of them. They shoot 2700 blast damage in about 8 seconds. A Breaker has 387 durability and they are close together because they sit on an Omamori. It is pretty easy to unload on them and pop the Omamori off. It only takes about 800 damage or 4 seconds to do so.

I have better fights against Hammerfalls because they are extremely hard to hit.

Kronos cab just dropped. I think Kronos, Pegasus, Breaker, 3 Coolers and an Aegis shield might really be something, but I haven’t seen it yet. Do you know that with Kronos, you can recharge your guns while you are in a firefight? That’s like an Omamori with no energy that you turn on when you need it and is actively fixing your guns. Unlike an Omamori, it can fix them up to full health. Does this seem OP to anyone else?

Maybe. I don’t want to put my own pet gun at the very top of the list but I don’t disagree that Firebugs are great right now. Firebugs, or my play at least, have problems burning spiders, especially Gerrida spiders. Whenever I fight a Gerrida spider, my build seems to bounce off of it and not get a substantial burn going.

I placed Scorpions at the top of the list because firebugs have more counters, (Daze/machine guns/spiders/shotguns) than Scorpions, and Scorpions seem to control the meta. Firebugs are great because Scorpions are the best. Scorpions dominate so many weapons and play styles that Crossout matches often revolve around them. The same can’t be said of Firebugs.


Breakers FAR FAR better than Jorgs.

Jorgs are F. When the best way to use a relic is using a single relic with it’s “lower” tier nidhogg’s, its bad. VERY BAD.

I would even put rippers above them on F tier, at least your build’s purpose improves by using 3 relics.

The rest of your list seems spot on in my limited experience.

Edit: Note I have never actually played with Rippers or phoons in CW.

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‘you can’t work for the company and play on the forum too’…
we see that… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Work for them? I actually have spent far too much money on Crossout, but sadly, the consideration only seems to flow one way. Crossout never pays me anything.

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1 firebug
2 scorp
3 masto
4 porc
5 punisher
6 breaker
7 flash (it only good with other relics)
8 typhoon
9 ripper
10 helicon
11 jorm


Mastodon’ts in S tier and Breakers in C?

We must be playing a different game.

Have you played much since all the cannon buffs went into effects? Whenever I get hit by a Mastodon these days, especially in the side, I check my build to see what still works. My light hovers, Kami and Griffon are dipped or flopped sideways after one Mastodon salvo. I don’t know if you play them on wheels, legs or hovers, but dust off your Echo cabin and go smack something!

For me, the S-rank is totally deserved. A lot of top players have been playing them on a hover, which is usually Echo/Beholder/Hadron hover with the Mastos on an Omamori and some frames or gun mounts. The wheeled Echo Oppressor set seems just as good.

During the last major update, Mastodon’ts lost part of their blast damage and were the only cannons in the game that didn’t have the removed blast damage transfered over to bullet damage. Nearly all other weapons besides turret cannons got an extra 10% HP, armor got damage resistances and hovers got their tonnage increased by nearly 40%, they now take less damage from Mastodon’ts due to the reduced blast damage, decreased light frames’ damage pass-through and the removal of increased damage when shot from the sides. They also got more stable yet again so they tip over far less while keeping narrower profile. And due to the tonnage buff, they are allowed to lose more thrusters before they get seriously affected. And both enemy hovers and dogs got an extra ton (and a half) of armor thanks to the new legendary engine that I can’t use because Mastodon’ts on wheels are literally unplayable without the Oppressor. So while the changes to armor penetration helped, Mastodon’ts were lot more competitive before the newest season’s update.

Breakers on the other hand? I haven’t used my Breakers pretty much at all since I got a pair of Mastodon’ts right after they added them. So on Tuesday, I pulled out my ancient Breaker build from 2019 and it still absolutely shreds everything that isn’t a (s)hitscan hover. If I went a bit more metah with the build, it would be even better. And since I originally got it and very effectively used it to shred dogs, and the latest hover changes made it so that only melees are stronger against them while everything else became worse in comparison, there was a lot of dogs to blast apart and sure thing I did get a lot of them. As I’ve said, if all you use are hovers then especially with (s)hitscan weapons, Breakers are easy pickings. For everything else? Not so much.

If your hovers are really getting hurt that much after a single salvo, then you should really go over your armour and module placement to be honest. The amount of full Mastodon’t salvos I need to hit on the average CW hover to truly take it out is way too high to place them anywhere above B tier if you really insist on using a tier system. And I’m saying that as someone who has a fused pair of them, uses them in CW every week and trully enjoys the suffering of using something nobody in their right mind would call a crutch… Unlike literally everything else you meet in CW these days.

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mastos literally do like 5k a shot

Whats funny is yall are probably both right. Lemmy plays with lesser skilled people and builds, where mastodons are too difficult for them to use well but breakers are easy.

At high levels of play, breakers are often stripped but mstodons put fear into peoples hearts…


You’re right in a way. The meta chasers have left our clan and so has our leader. So we’re left with a bunch of new guys with both sub-par equipment and sub-par CW experience. And the effort and experience it takes to play wheeled Mastodon’ts is probably higher than anything else you get in the current CW meta.

The times we could get a full squad of wheeled Mastodon’ts together, we were very formidable and could steamroll all but the most experienced end well-coordinated teams. But unfortunately, that won’t be happening again, at least not anytime soon.

But there is another very important aspect to this. We’re not the guys playing hovers, we almost exclusively play against them. I would say it is the same with dogs, but someone would come after me saying that acktchually, Breakers are dogs too. There’s only a single type of strategy one can employ against hovers on wheeled Mastodon’t builds and dogs do that one so much better. If you have a Mastodon’t hover on your team to heat up enemies for the (s)hitscan hovers to strip or destroy in few seconds, your experience will be a lot different when you need to chase down hovers while also having to watch your a$$ for incoming firedogs that you can’t even fight off yourself because you’ll heat up your weapons shooting the enemy point-blank while somehow taking more damge than you deal to the enemy on hit.

Yeah. I agree. Mastodons are terrifying but they don’t do all things. The only time I have seen wheel Mastodon builds dominate is when there are several of them backing each other up and focusing down enemies together. If you don’t have powerful teammates punishing opponents that you heat, running down hovers for you or keeping fire dogs off of you, you probably aren’t having a very good time in Clan wars. You could always get a Mastodon spider, get a Mastodon hover, and join a different clan.

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Too many are not willing to adapt

There’s just about one PC clan I might even remotely consider joining (If they wanted me), but I’m not bailing out on this one, especially since it now greatly relies on me. And being the second in command, I can do and say whatever I like and that suits me.

Besides, hovers are out of the questions and spiders… let’s just say the omni-directional mouse steering meta BS has seriously got me considering just taking out the trash and scrapping all my fused legs and omins…