Relics need to be freed from behind clan walls

I’ve been paying “full time” since 2019, and played on and off way before that, haven’t played any clan wars, and I have yet to own a single relic.

I have also been using real money into this game, mostly from buying packs on sale and battle passes, excluding the mini ones and currently the latest one with the lighters because nope.

And I have yet to own a single relic, or really felt like I have been able to fully enjoy legendaries either outside the ones that you get from battle passes. Fusing legendaries has always been out of the question, but I have been able to try out a few every now and then, but these days they are simply too expensive for even that.

I don’t grind daily, weekly, monthly through the straining process of getting all the dailies, weeklies and so on done, and maxing out all resources each week, because honestly f that, but I do make lots of resources playing the game daily for fun, usually maxing out all scrap in a week and then doing wires for the rest of days.

You’d imagine that by now I’d have owned a few sets of legendary weapons or maybe even tried out relics, but nope. The only reason for this I can see is not taking part in clan wars and acquiring uranium. Of course I have not been as wise with coins as i could, buying cool paints and selling them away for scraps, trying out new epic guns and then selling them with way less than i paid for them, but honestly doing all of that has been about the only thing that has kept me playing the game, if I were to set out and solely save up for a relic gun I’d have stopped playing years ago.

But there should be a way for “regular” players to be able to touch relics rather than being kept out of reach for people who don’t have deep enough pockets or play this game religiously for years


To get the ones I had, I had to sell virtually everything in my inventory. It’s actually on one of my kids’ accounts, and done at his behest. He was left with two weapons neither of us liked playing (we all play each other’s accounts with the understanding we won’t sell, buy or craft anything).

Part of the reason they were underwhelming is that we didn’t have a “full set” of either… Rookie mistake.

So, the kid sold them for things he again thought he wanted.

Both accounts have had roughly the same amount of play and I think I’ve spent more REAL money on his account. The end result of selling nearly everything for relics, then reselling them for other stuff on his account has a fraction of the parts mine does.

It underscores my position that I shouldn’t sell anything. :unamused:

As for relics being more available, I have to agree with you.

The jump in cost between rarity levels is pretty steady until you get to relics. It’s a 10 fold jump in price. They’re simply not worth 10 legendaries.

That being said, I’m not sure how a shift to making that change could happen without really violating the people who have paid or grinded to get relics.


I made bad choices the first year.
When I decided the goal was a relic, I made apollo’s. (right now, with the BP that route is messed up though.)

It depends on what your goal is, reading your actions, it doesn’t seem you really want relics?

Kinda like real life, the fastest way to have money is do not spend it.


Don’t need to be in a clan to own/use relics, I own 2 and I’ve never been in a clan and also crafted a few years by stupidly buying uranium as I didn’t want to join a clan, been playing since late 2017.

No clue how you aren’t able to get at least 1 relic if you bought packs…? that’s how I got my 2 current relics by using the credits from the packs, saving them, and boosting them by crafting lower rarity parts or selling the parts from the packs I already had, etc.
Though if saving is hard for you I could see why you don’t got any relics yet.

If you save the gold from packs or you make by crafting/trading you’ll be able to get a relic, as they’re 10k plus now, when I started relics were never under 60k until they got rid of the relic fragment system they had.
For legendaries. they shouldn’t be hard to get even outside of the ones you get in the battle passes, one or two-pack purchases get you almost any legendary available!

So you’re a casual, casual player then, thus why even legendaries are hard for you, cuz doing dailies and weekly tasks fast tracks you to get legendaries, etc. Can’t really expect to do the least and get the most out of this game aka get a relic, it requires effort.

Not really as it sounds like you can’t be bothered to put in the effort so it doesn’t surprise me at all, I got my first legendary (Apollo) within a month after starting, but it took years for the relics though of nominal effort.

Then continue playing how you want to, and forget about getting a high-effort part like relics and just play how you enjoy playing as your play style isn’t indicative to getting a relic.

There is, its called effort, patience, and self-control, as I’ve never been in a clan, do not craft much above special, haven’t bought a pack in like 8 months, and currently not bought either battle pass yet, and I was still able to get a relic in the 8 month period by being smart with my gold.
I’m not berating you just telling you certain things in this game requires patience, self-control and effort just like stuff out of this game.

Sounds like fun, though I didn’t take that route in fact even after getting the 2 relics I got I will need to purchase storage expansion for my inventory soon as I’m running out of room :rofl:

I agree too, I don’t like the fact it’s resource-locked behind a game mode for the most part, and a game mode that they made even more grindy in the past years for less uranium, Maybe another mode for people who don’t want to be hitched to a clan to earn/grind for uranium!

That and the fact before they got rid of it they had a relic fragment system where you got random fragments while doing clan war stuff, thus why it took years to get my first relic as the relics were 60K plus.

It used to be far far worst for reasons already mentioned!

You won’t be able to as when they got rid of the relic fragments which caused 60k plus relics to be 10k plus causes a riot almost by the people who had a part that was 60k one day and the next it was 10k.

I get that impression too, or at the very least he wants to get them for free/no effort

100% this and not only but putting effort in making money, as it’s almost always the people who complain they don’t get certain stuff but aren’t willing to put in the time/effort to get said stuff!


please dont complain, it hurts my feelings. just no life the game and treat it as a job, its perfectly fine.

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Now I want relics and legendaries to be more available just so people like this can’t get a superiority complex this humongous


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This is a special weapon, for ordinary players who do not play clan war, they do not need to touch this weapon because of the PS matchmaking mechanism, simply put, it is only a small part of all weapons, if you do not have enough financial resources and time, then do not use them, and it has no effect on normal games


If you are not earning uranium. sell stuff and buying will be about 20k (on xbox) or 10k (on PC) cheaper.
And that is if you are buying the expensive relics. You take an even bigger hit if you make a cheap one.

As for which one first? Which relic most fits your favorite play style? That is what I would go for.



If Jorgs or Rippers get cheap enough, I might buy some.

Mostly because I like a bargain, and I like using weapons that I rarely see in battle.

Also seems like a single jorg is all you would want, and just pair it with a couple of the legendary reload shotguns. I’ve seen a few people doing pretty good with that combo. Rippers I almost never see, but I have spotted one player who is clearly determined to make them work, and seems to do OK with them. I just think they’re cool, even if they aren’t actually strong.

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They are the cheapest relics on xbox, 20-24k below scorps and rippers and porcs

for relics i have a few. 2 typhoons, 1 mastodon, 2 porcs.
typhoons: i rarely if ever use anymore. i used to use them for clan wars but i dont do clan stuff anymore and havent for a long time now. im thinking of selling one of them and getting another relic but im unsure because the price of these is so low.
mastoson: i have this paired with my 2 porcs or i can pair it with my mammoth and do some high damage. either way i find myself using the mastodon way more then the typhoons because its got 360 degrees of turn and really high fire power. i dont know if mastodons are more powerful then typhoons though, can anyone confirm or not if they are?
porcs: cant live without them! i use 2 porcs in raids in combination with alot of my other weapons. my most common combo is 2 porcs and 2 arbiters and they are super effective… assuming i can hit anything xD

the thing is i saved up for a long time for these and 1 typhoon i did get through clan wars. but clans have become so stale and boring and unwanted that i felt i was wasting my time. i stopped clan battles long ago but if i sold off alot of what i have now id be able to possibly get another porc or another weapon. if you want some advice id say stick with a weapon you like. for me arbiters are really good and in raids they do well enough. helios arent to bad either. just keep stockpiling your resources and gaining money from it. put that 200 daily fuel to good use. i usually always use it for plastic as it sells for very high and only buy fuel if its low.
as for badges get as many as you can. im currently sitting on 12k badges and quite a bit of resources. i been stockpiling legendaries to when i can.
i use scrap alot for crafting but im trying to save up enough for events to use for crafting rares to sell later. i also got 100k+ copper to. my garage is just bursting with copper.
but i dont sell alot of it. i mostly keep it for if i want a weapon or something. but yeah just save up, your coins add up over time. just dont spend any coins.

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gets spam fired by hadron king scorpion hover from across the map all match with no other weapon capable of providing the same kind of reach, penetration, firing pace and mobility of build

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You stack PS too high,So much so that you match the top-of-the-line Relic weapons


Idk man. My last relic i earned while not being in a clan. I earned it prerry fast too.

I also have wasted a lot of coins. Not on paints, but on parts. Ive done a lot of impatient quick selling to get things i want when i run short on cash. Just the other day i quicksold a parser to get some slepnir tracks. Ive played since about jan 2019. In that time ive lost at least 100,000 coins in quick selling. Thats two and a half relics or even three id have now if i played patiently. But in the long run i had more fun that way. Also ive still earned two of my current five relics while having no clan.

If you play ten hours a week you should have earned enough resources to make an epic. If you play 13-16 hours more then thats a seccond epic in that week. But playing enough to earn two epics just from grinding in one week and not playing cw? Thats a lot of time playing. So fsrming the market is important.

It sounds to me like youve not only wasted a lot of coin but you also never flip items for profit on the market. I mean i never flip items on the market. Its borong as hell. I will for short periods play the market when i need coin for something i wsnt or the market is super healthy. Like five or six months ago i played the market hard because it was healthier than id ever seen. I made enough coin that month to afford a relic from the earnings. Though i doubt ill ever get the chance to do that ever again.


just a major skill issue lmao

Hello all,
Please stay on topic.

Charlie kinda reminds me of that X-wing pilot, you know the one :+1:

Well you can always become a whale and buy cross crowns and use them for gold to get yourself a Hadron, King, scorpion hover build


Some believe being a durability sponge is the way to go. And a few are good at it.


In fact, there is a market for the game, players without relics want the price of relics to be reduced, players with relics do not want to reduce prices, if you ask players, you will probably get such an answer,The same is true for clanwar