Reminder: Kindly don't be Toxic to others

Its great the whole conversation was posted. As i understand, topics like this one are posted to seek some sort of moral judgement: I wouldnt be so sure on the moral verdict:

You seemed to be enjoying yourself a lot:

“Make me :)”
“Dont care lol”
“Its bedlam, there are no rules :D”
“Plus, you shot first :D”

The other guy clearly reacted hurt. No edgy smilies on his side. He threatened you with leaving the game again, which is sad or pathetic depending on how you choose to read it.

I think i understand a thing or two about trolling. Its to evoke a negative reaction in someone, to purposefully try to hurt someone.

On the matter, the rules of bedlam are clear, there are no rules. Its therefore a troll heaven.

Over the time weve witnessed many posts expressing frustration about getting killed in bedlam. Not being left alone in their parade vehicles and instead getting repeatedly killed, sometimes almost stalked in their daily bedlam routine.

They clearly havent accepted the rules. Yet, in those topics the griefers werent usually met with applause neither. as it was too obvious the intent was to grief, to troll.

That is the reason I stopped using Bedlam all together. Always that one “Special Ego” stirring the pot. Some simply want to hang loose with the crew & chill that’s fine. But there is always that one challenged :crazy_face: individual that likes to go above & beyond and knock out art builds. (Makes them feel manly) Exactly why I wanted Bedlam to be on the Adventure map which is now totally dead & a true wasteland. Allowing Helicopter builds is another to add to an Adventure / Bedlam combination map. Wanna be a bully ? go kill off some raiders. Because the Adventure map your only enemy to kill is the Raiders them selves. The perfect scenario IMHO.

bedlam is nothing more than a chat room but some gooners use it for target practice

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