Remove the ML200 so we can move on

You keep digging deeper and deeper to bury the ML200

This is getting worse update by update.
In this one you removed the capacity to climb over low builds by fixing the hitbox.
Any light build can block ML200 build and even pushing it wherever he wants to.

Now playing this mobility is just a trap to death.

-lowest acceleration
-lowest top speed
-biggest hitbox
-good durability (but why for ?)

A long time ago, the inertia update for hover, also affected ML200 and you said you had plans for it.
But almost two years later, things keeping to be worse and worse.

Make ML200 great again or simply delete it so we, ML200 lovers, can move on to another game.


40 km/h its to slow for this game and for the meta. I just feel like I’m driving a fat, dying dung beetle

They need to nerf bigrams, hovers, all the epic wheels durability, and reverse all the wheel cornering buffs.

And its all simpler to do than just buffing mls? :rofl:

ML200 needs mass/tonnage fix more than speed buff

  • but best addition would be a perk around movement, especially make them unpushable and maybe give them ability to be immune to recoil and push any other build at low speed. So even is ML200 would stay slow it would be unstopable force to counter heavy builds and legs have to be fixed from fake hovers physics
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Perhaps they should just start with making the handbrake work. It could work with a stat check to resist pushes. i.e allowing high mass vehicles to still have a chance at moving them while making them more immune to lighter builds. This would allow them to keep that neutral state for push and pull that makes them rather useful in fusion style builds.

I kind of agree but it might just be better to add them into the list that Golden Eagle buffs. That would make it so there was two ways to get to 50km/h and would reduce their cab dependency. Then giving them a small boost of +5 km/h might line them up for getting another bonus from a later co-driver which would bring them up to where the slower tank tracks are now.

Legs (ML, Bigrams) dont have “handbrake” because from the game engine view they seem to actually be hovers. Legs are just visuals following the car movement. So actually implementing proper legs physics is not a minor task, its not about fine-tuning, its about completely new physic for legged builds.

I’m aware that it’s faked in it’s current state it’s not like it’s a new topic. They should be able to fake a handbrake in the current state though.

You are assuming person responsible for the original physics engine wasnt an unpaid intern 10 years ago who didnt document his spegetti code? It seems to me past changes to physics of the game have been always of “simplification” type.

It would be just as odd if they had no idea of how it worked too being that they have been able to tweak so many other physics aspects. I’ve never seen their code so it would be impossible for me to say if changes were always simplifications or if their explanations just got better over time.