Repetitive Strain Injury

Presented by Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Industries.

Brought to you by Targem Games.

Sponsored by Big Pharma, Logitech, Razer, and all the other big pc peripheral companies.

Ever wonder why the devs always prefer players to hold their mouse button instead of tap fire guns as seen in the games balance?, maybe they want your mousearm to wear out fast so you can go to the doctor who tells you stories and gets you on meds.

AI machines … work …
thank you!

There is being vague to obfuscate the moderators and cencorship.
But there is also too vague that you fail to make a point.

then use controller or buy an xbox lol

I have both, what are you implying?

no cramped wrist which i know sucks while playing SAS4

Controllers have their own issues for users, very muscular index fingers and crazy claw hands if you use them for years.

idk ive been a console gamer for over 20 years nd i dont have any of that

OP is bored or a fucking idiot.

Maybe both.

Nice Netiquette DHawk216, im sure you make many friends when you call people fucking idiots.
When are you gonna learn?.

Ive been a console player too wrightsgaming6 for 15 years, and a pc player for 25 years after that, they overlap somewhere, but 5 years ago i went from being a righthanded pc player to lefthanded because of RSI issues.

Hell yea, you showed me!

Your claim of medical issues intentionally caused by video game developers was so enlightening!

Like so enlightening id spend an energy point on it!

-__- Id sooner put an Enlightenment on every build i ever make for CWs.

Cmon, your wrist hurt, you made a post. Even you know its dumb af. Surely not a talking point. Start a support group if you disagree.

You know i buried the hatchet many months ago.
People kept telling me i should stop fighting you so i did.

I liked many of your posts and thanked you for replying to mine.
But if you want to start a toxic war again, i am ready buddy.

The buried hatchet lies next to all kinds of nasty weapons.

Im the keep it real type.

You just conspiracised that video game developers want you to go to the hospital. Obviously they dont give a damn. They want you to play their game and spend money. They dont get a kickback from doctors when they prescribe you anti-inflammatory pills. See? I feel stupid even needing to type that out. Yet here we are because of your dumb af topic.

You maybe grab the hatchet, the flail, the flamthrower, i dont care. Things too dumb to even consider deserve to be open to ridicule. This is dumb af. It didnt even have a tinge of sarcasm. It sounded purely like tinfoil hat level cringe.

Maybe someday you will get tired of the world stage and start digging deeper.

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AI machines … work …
thank you!

I think part of the reason for carpel tunnel injuries in gaming is because 92% of gamers hold the controller wrong and just pressing the buttons with bad technique in general. Your suppose to hold it with ring finger on the triggers and index finger on the bumpers which kinda takes less pressure off the median nerve as opposed to just using your index finger for triggers and bumpers. I only found that out a couple of months ago when I was looking up controller reviews when I was on the hunt for a new controller and eventually noticed how all the controller reviewers were holding the controller wrong. Also by using 4 fingers as opposed to 2 your keeping the repetitive movements to a minimum so your other finger can catch a break more often.