Replace Clan Confrotation REWORK: " Clan Recruitment " Intermediary: regular PVP & CW

Hello with this suggestion I plan to fix the recent problems about people leaving , deranking your clan in CW , weeklies .

COMMENT: " Clan Recruitment " shortcut: (CR) name can be changed to make more fitting


Why people keep leaving?

Because they think the game is: too grindy for what is now and compared before or latest changes due to not being able to join CW ( No good/active team, “bad build” , “bad co-op builds” , not being able to communicate through 3rd party websites like “discord” in a call ) or the game being too time consuming .

What is Clan Recruitment?

Clan Recruitment is an intermediary gamemode between CW & normal pvp. in CW like environment where individual players will compete in a league that starts at the same time as CW for their own personal glory. Any player with / without a clan can enter as long as they meet the PS entry requirement: 12000 PS. While they do so they Clan come watch and witness the newborns of the waste land.

How does the match making will work?

In Clan Recruitment there will be the same maps in CW , 4vs4 matches , you can choose between from your own builds. The gimmic of this gamemode is: You can’t co-op (make a team) with friends , CW members etc. so everyone is random , rewards differentiate and separate, individual league ranking compared to CW.

COMMENT: I will leave up to Crossout dev. balancing teams depending either on average PS , Win/Lose ratio or League (tier) position.

The Rewards:

  • Same quantity of scrap metal as right now from CW.
  • late, higher tiers scale with more common resources.
    COMMENT: These should make up more profit than regular pvp + resources value to compensate 15 units of oil at a 25% win ratio for the very least. However I don’t want uranium from matches at all.
  • Top 2 tiers:
    Highest: 10 Uranium at the end of season by remaining in this tier
    2nd Highest: 5 Uranium at the end of season by remaining in this tier
    Similar to CW right now when you get free Uranium.
  • Clan challenges ( in CR ): Badges


  • Replacement of Clan Confrotation with this gamemode meaning transfer of badges from CC to CR, divided in leagues if you belong to a clan but also some individual challenges in CR (like 15%) .

*COMMENT: Clan Confrontation is boring, lame, unrealistic PS matches compared to CW , worse than regular pvp in terms of rewards per game because u don’t make oil & in general and is just a failed attempted to make weeklies harder without getting anything more profitable beside it, not even enjoyable.

  • Removal of the " free " season CW uranium.

COMMENT: To discourage deranking and encourage actual gameplay for those who play competitive matches.

  • Buff CW rewards of tiers that don’t give uranium per match by +25% compared to (CR)

COMMENT: So CW is still even better.

  • CW entry PS from 6000 → 10000

COMMENT: Making it " harder " to join CW which even if you did at 6000 it would still high change to be obliterated by enemy team. But it’s lower compared (CR) to give more access of builds to CW considering you are also playing with " your team " the clan.

EDIT: FINAL COMMENT: This change should also create a new role within a clan of " Clan recruiter " they can play (CR) in search of good people while helping to complete clan challenges (badges) .This will remove the idea of “deranking” and make them move on to this gamemode & help low ranks who aren’t good enough for CW. A Clan recruiter can be anyone within a clan from the leader to weakest members. This will give a choise to " carriers " either help with badges & look out for people or do CW for more personal profit depending on the clan status ."

I’m not that interested in “training” and getting a mic just to play Clan Wars. I don’t want to join any clubs, or even turn chat on, just to play this game. If I had to, I’d quit, so I’m happy to be able to just ignore this clan feature altogether.

The only update I’d like to see this feature receive is any update that made the feature less relevant, like removing the icon from my main garage GUI.

Since shell casings are still used in crafting (at least I think they are), perhaps they should offer those as a reward, and maybe expand their use on the Engineer’s work bench, along with giving coupons some relevance their too, maybe.

The “Engineers” still don’t have an “engine” on their bench, which I think is odd. In fact the primary factions seem like another abandoned feature the developers will never update, and instead are into this new Battle Pass thing for crafting updates and features.

I wish they’d stop painting over old features with new features, and just polish the old stuff a bit.