Does the report thing even work? I personally get like 4 ppl saying there going to kill me or do violence in real life…I do know alot of ppl in this game are braid dead retards.

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Honestly, I don’t think it does
I used to think that things like swearing etc reports were low priority, and cheating etc reports get higher priority, but honestly it feels like reporting ever does anything in this game. Like last year I kept running almost weekly, sometimes multiple times a week or even many matches per day into a player who did nothing else than wedge and pin a random teammate at spawn to a wall. I did report the guy every time I saw it happen, and so most likely did many others, but honestly it just went on and off the whole year, give or take

Rather than him being banned, I think he just got bored of the game as I have not seen him much lately, but either the reporting does absolutely nothing or the amounts needed for anything to happen is way too big, like 500 individual reports and then maybe some gm checks on him in a single match and does nothing

Only time I have ever seen anyone get banned from the game is in general chat and even then it took something like waiting for a gm to be present in the chat and talking with people and then spam the Nigeria word multiple times

But even if there is some actual moderation activity in this game, I think that anything related to chats, dm’s and in game chat is at the lowest of low priorities

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Really there so dumb that you can get chat banned for saying Nigeria? but not for death threats or harm? Wow…


Here’s what the GM I asked had to say to this very question:

Screenshot 2024-06-24 155746

So one person isn’t likely to summon a GM by themself, but if you combine efforts with other people’s reports, then it might summon a GM.

Also: Thank you to Diesel for answering my question!! :smiley:

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Do not use the R word please and thank you.

Im far from worried about the R word People are so sensitive now days lol

It is the same as using the N-word and I said please. I was not offended.

I don’t think so and who are you coming onto my post and telling me what i can type and not to type?

hey, hey, relax ladies, lets remember, this is a safe space.

Who do you think you are telling us to Relax!
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I am your fellow human being, citizen of earth who has many flaws and kindly asked you to change one word. I would not dare to tell you what to do, I simply asked and said please.

I am sorry, I reread my post and I did not ask, my bad. Would please not use the R-word. Thank you.