Reporting players Doxing other players in game

Reporting other players will-fully post other player information in game. Hailthefail

This crossout player is planning on doxing other players in game. Let’s see how long it takes crossout to ban a player doxing other players in game for years.

10:00:38.205| <team_508461485_1>[HailTheFail #8832513] I doxxed hydro
10:00:45.752| < clan_33003>[MrDuck138 #6139590] theres your proof
10:00:47.156| <team_508461485_1>[dutchesoldat1943 #12654353] do it again
10:00:48.673| <team_508461485_1>[HailTheFail #8832513] Kinda expected
10:00:54.087| <team_508461485_1>[HailTheFail #8832513] Lol
10:00:58.204| <team_508461485_1>[HailTheFail #8832513] Dont have to
10:01:08.732| <team_508461485_1>[dutchesoldat1943 #12654353] do it to kate the moose]

They should ban you from chatting. Oh wait…