Rerelease old Battle Passes and add Expiring Blueprints to seasonal events

Why don’t the Devs resell old Battlepasses? They could make more money from newer players and those players get decent items out of the deal.

As for expiring blueprints, could they at least be added to seasonal events like Ravens or the Christmas event?

I dislike expiring blueprints, so I think it would be a good compromise.

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I would rather them add some of the old BP items so they can be crafted by everyone.

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Because it’s much profitable to release a piece of that old BP’s cosmetic items.

Maybe some items will be added. During the next decade. Probably. One piece per one $10 plus grinding the levels (or buying them like now with Omamori).

They seem to not want to :man_shrugging:

Or they don’t know, how.

Could be. But most likely won’t happen.