Reserve crates

so for the special crates i got (didnt keep track of the numbers)

purples i got
badges 100
plastic 40
batteries 40

… so why are these crates here? to give us just garbage rewards?
tbh id prefer to have these crates inside raids. where when you beat the raid you get a crate depending on the difficulty. the higher the difficulty the better the rewards. just as a little bonus.

easy - copper, scrap. can be found in the crate anywhere from 10 - 20 resources.
medium - copper, scrap, plastic. can be found in the crate anywhere from 15 - 30 resources
hard - electronics, copper, scrap, batteries. can be found in the crate. anywhere from 20 - 40

i mean… i just dont see the point of them being in the rewards of the seasonal rewards or the battle passes as they are so useless. i mean yeah you get a few extra resources but not that many.

what do you all think about this?? and what did you all get from them?

So that free to play players can’t say they aren’t getting anything, and to tease players of a possibility to gain uranium (which they won’t)

I think they are just there so technically people who don’t buy the pass still get something and can’t complain. I got crap, none of the resources outside uranium are worth of even being in these crates, and the amounts are laughable at best


It’s like others had said, its to pad these battle passes to pretend they have value while having next to no value, least if you’re gonna pad BPs make the crate of hundreds amount of resources and not like 10 :rofl: :clown_face:

Yup this I agree with

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i felt insulted when i opened my first crate to find resources worth less than a coin :joy:


They try to trick us by making the crates have rarity colours like purple, light blue, etc in hopes we’d get excited thinking it’ll be a resource of that level nope different colour crates that give you common rewards and amounts :rofl: :clown_face:

It’s just more loot boxing. I don’t have any appreciation for the mechanic beyond opening the actual box. It’s one of those mechanics that should be really removed from the game. The only boxes I really want are the ones that I can pick my own rewards from. Similarly the mechanic is not much difference then the recycling mechanic we have in the game right now for décor, paint, and stickers.

The only places I found the mechanic some what acceptable was when they were trying to populate the games player base with more garage decor so they rewarded a few crates over the play week to do so. It was fine for that because no one expected anything out of them. The other place that’s so so is the badge exchange boxes.

I got a bunch of badges and some plastic and some electronics.

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if i wanted loot boxes id go and play EA’s lootbox simulator (madden) and whine a ton when i dont get the best players. :rofl:

yeah… i just wish it wasnt the case. the crates are better off in raids imo. because at least in raids your beating a boss and expecting a reward. it would be a nice little extra reward for beating a raid boss.

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Agreed, but I did win uranium from a previous event. 15 IIRC. Sold it. LOL

I’m not mad, though… the Radiance BP is filler, imo. The event is limited, the rewards -whether you pay or not - are a fraction of what Polar Lights are - and it costs the same.

I figure full seasons like Polar Lights are for the more fiscally conservative players & Radiance for people who lean more towards the whale mentality. To each their own. No shame either way. If I play some evening after a couple of extra glasses of pinot noir, I may even buy the Radiance one.