Resistance to all dmg on raids

why did the “catalina” cabin come out, perfect for playing raids, which made them not even that bad and boring. Of course, the cabin payable from the package was very expensive. by a magical miracle 3 weeks later ALL bots got averters and omamori in vehicles or just total resist is all dmg and these rallies are still boring and long with this “cataline” and without it it’s only worse …

it seems to me that we are a bit milked and deceived if something is added that helps in playing raids, then raids become more difficult gradually as they became easier

might as well kick you out of the game completely with catalina and the package with its content and make raids easier again by the 30% resist dmg and 50% resist dmg, depending on the faction

Raid bots doesn’t seem to have those modules.

All bots cabins have 50 % damage resistance in medium and hard raids.
take my word for it, i ran some tests.
And ye sit was implemented after catalina came to be .
Also , all turrets / canon turrets / missile turrets / phoenix turrets / caucasus turrets got their HP halved
There were no patchnotes about this.

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They have increased resistance, yes. But not additional modules. Devs just gave them inherent resistance, thus allowing Bat and Photon to withstand a copious amount of damage.

But it actually was before catalina. Raid bots didn’t change one bit.

they changed as much as possible, because the resistance was light and it’s one faction, not each 50%, and yes, they have modules, dawn childerns, all purple bots have omamori under the cabin

Kindly provide with pictures then.

You got to know which raids to play. On hardest difficulty i only do Lunatics and Steppenwolves.
Medium difficulty it doesn’t matter that much.

Just never do Scavengers.

Resists of bots have always changed based on overall team PS in raids.

This system works this way so they don’t have to make hundreds of bot builds.

Bots HP/Resists scale to meet the power of the team and IMO this is how it should be.

I disagree with that statement for Raids and PVE
that statement should be nice and dandy if the components of a team would be at the same level which they are not.
There are jumps in PS, you can have 8k builds mixed with 15 k builds.
there are a mixed of weapons in a team.
which is not that fair for either ends of the Spectrum.

I also think is not fair Bots having certain weapons like Recthers and Scorpions, at least in PVE, it says in the “tin” something like lower rewards and practice battle, no fuel.
I don’t see the need for that kind of weapons within the context. it’s overkill

Destroying Professor is fun :upside_down_face:

well it’s not like that, damage and hp are always scaling with ps but they never had 50% resistance on the cabin.

I played today by accident with the wrong vehicle at 9200 ps, the whole team had a similar one so it was an even team, and I also shot bots about 30% less at the cabins [it was a normal raid]

Someone years ago explained raid damage scaling on a YouTube video.

It may have adjusted a little but I think it’s about the same.

If your seeing something different then forgive me, just trying to help.

In any event…

The OP’s impressions align directly with the nerf/buff cycle of the game, and should be expected. At least, after you’ve been in the game for a while, it should be expected.

Anything new AND good will be nerfed either directly or indirectly by buffing it’s antipodal parts in the game.

In other words, nothing is good forever, and only a few parts suck forever… but some definitely do (looking at you Enlightenment).

Developers do not want to change the balance of the pve status quo, I have repeatedly mentioned to them … Anyway, I haven’t played pve in a while, even though I used to really like pve