Resource crate

i just got 10 uranium from the crate LOL well there goes all my luck! :smiley:
anyone else get uranium?

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how many crates did you open? i got them out of the blue chest. no luck with the epic or legendary ones yet. would be a hell of a blessing to get them out of the legendary one though lol.
i opened maybe… 150 blues before i got 10 of them? id say 150 give or take throughout the events that gave those crates.

i only get coal just like on christmas time :rofl: :rofl:

Nope never gotten any, but by this point wtf am I even gonna do with them, it’s not like I’ll get to touch relics to begin with and I am already swimming in coins because purchasing or fusing the non-meta is not worth it, and I can’t lower myself low enough into joining the brainrot meta squad and just going full meta weapon go brr he he drools on the keyboard

In fact I’d rather have the possible uranium I might receive someday out of a crate be instead inserted slowly and anally up the anuses of the people in charge of this game, quite deep in there, not elbow deep but at least up to the wrist, I think that would be worth more in general