Resource crates

Anyone else feel like the fodder crates, the crates used to bloat up a battle passes rewards list, the filler crates, the crates made to be filler, the crates nobody cares about outside Uranium which you won’t get, those crates

Anyone else feel like the fodder rewards (basically everything outside uranusium) are way too low, especially on the legendary Humanitarian aids crates? 100 engineer badges does not feel like a legendary crate amount of engineer badges, and in general the amount of resources in all of the crates is laughably low, for the light blue ones I can understand not giving out anything of use, but purple and gold ones suck so bad, I feel like a legendary crate should offer 250 badges and the purple one 150.

50 badges is not a purple item level amount of badges, 50 badges feels like something you should be getting out of a white rarity level crate.

I mean I know it’s not an actual thought out item but just bloat and fodder made to look “pretty” in between the actual parts of a battle pass, but there is no reason for it to suck this much


yep. the reserve crates are laughably bad to me. 20 uranium wouldnt be bad for me buuuuuuut… sadly itll never happen. im looking at the purple crate and it offers… 20 of scrap, batteries, electronics, wires and uranium but 50 badges… what??
first off
20 scrap - is this some kind of joke? the most COMMON RESOURCE in the entire game and it only gives 20? dude i earn more scrap blowing up a car then from the crate. thats basically 1 round of patrol vs ai. thats just an insult. items cost alot to craft in here and yet you hand out 20? you can keep your chump change.
20 batteries - so you gave me 8 dollars in batteries? … gee… THANKS… ill go spend that all in 1 place, oh wait i cant because i couldnt afford to buy a lollypop with that.
20 electronics - i mean… i get 20 electronics when i run 1 hard raid so… thanks for the free hard raid i guess??
20 wires - thanks for the 1 free round of pvp i guess??
20 uranium - … please give this to me. p-please… no, no wait dont run away! wait!
50 badges - thanks for the badges i guess?? … theyll be collecting dust with all my other badges. :unamused:

thats my thoughts on it at least.

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Those crates are crappola, there’re more useless than dog :poop: on the bottom of your shoe!
At least pad the BP with crates that offer tradable parts or resources other than scrap, copper, and badges and instead place electronics, plastic, and wires and not in tiny amounts, if you’re gonna be paying for these padded crates then resource amounts shouldn’t be in the 10’s but hundreds like instead of 20 badges or 10 wires it should be 200 wires and 500 badges per crate or a crate should have multiple types of resource in one crate like 40 copper- 60 scrap- 30 plastic, etc

They’re part of why I’m glad I’ve waited to get the battle pass… I’m not sure I will.

The rewards just seem stupid when I can buy most of it - fused, but still.

We’ll see.

I am getting to play more than I thought I would, so it’s looking more likely, but yeah… Those stupid crates are a joke.

well… i did get 2 “rare cases” that give 2 rare tradable parts in them, so 1300 scrap saved. i also got 2 “special merchant cases” which give 2 tradable special weapons so again saving alot of scrap there. so really your about… 1/3rd of the way to a epic weapon i guess? then again i dont think the rare cases were part of the battlepass. not seeing them in here. looking at the battlepass… you can get 3 special merchant cases. 1 at level 5, 1 at level 30 and 1 at level 108… and you can get a single epic merchant case at level 128 that gives you a tradable epic weapon… :unamused: