Restore old hover mechanics or we are leaving!

ill give you guys two weeks to fix this crap…or im done with this game…

rebuild your hovers or wait a few weeks if your lazy and download the new working hovers from exhibition, want me to upload my sideways incin blight hover for you? I’m not the best at building hovers but it works just fine for me

there you go it’s on the exhibition again i’m not the best at building hovers so if you download and edit it and reupload it but better, that would be cool haha, if you wanna drop some fire on your nose just push forwards, you may want to make the front end a little more heavy so it sloped down a bit more then it curranty does, but if your front end if hitting the ground well, you made it too heavy etc


So… you want a 20kph reduction, a reduction in tonnage… basically you want your hovers nerfed back to where they were… Fascinating. Never seen someone shoot themself in the foot out of spite.


ikr, i love the new hovs, I was messing around in patrol with the incin blight while I get used to the new hove physics just getting easy mvp cus my PS is so much lower haha, and im playing with 280 ping XD


Its too late for that. old hovers will be still broken for what the game is now.

Perhaps if they keep the loss of balance of the vehicle, but still im not sure it will be enough, hover balance was kept in check by dogs (like it or not thats the truth) and kami introduction had already started breaking that check for firedogs.

Now movement is much more difficult for wheels, im not sure that anything appart from kami wheeled breaker could contest hovers even if they revert to the old scheme.

Their best bet should be to fix hovers with the current gamestate and the way i think its going right now we are about to do a full circle to 5 years ago… Ultra light hovers with high speed, since i dont see any way for an actual fix other than removing big part of the tonnage so they will be forced to use more hovers to make up for being paper.

Or, remove sideways hovers, which i believe messes with the players freedom to craft.

This is because they have made them more unstable than anything playable.

All people that wanted hovers out the game are getting what they want - moaners and people that cannot shoot a hover complained enough to ruin a versatile movement part out of the game.

This is not shooting in the foot but removing such a BAD NURF to hovers.

clan wars is funny, it’s just 90% hover players, it’s almost like the people actually playing the game, know what is good


Levi Cw - 4 teams playing for the first hour…we left. Pretty much sums it up

Well yeah :slight_smile:

In every game the whales are always going to use what is OP.

This is the way.

I honestly believe if you ever need to balance a game, just look at what most of the so-called “competitive” players are using and you will identify all the major issues with the game.

In this games case when looking at that group you realize hovers are OP and the dogs came around to fight the problem, which made a second problem.

The other thing you will notice in games is when OP things are nerfed, the “Skilled” players, all of a sudden, are not as skilled anymore.

This is so funny :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(448) New hover meta :wink: - YouTube

Hovertarts, crying after getting a buff, as usual. (Remember the +30 dura +5kmh that you guys randomly called a nerf and threatened to leave over?)

Last CW session, I saw maybe 10 dogs (those have actually been destroyed), and 4 or 5 times that amount of hovers, but k. Here’s a tissue to wipe your tears. Hands them toilet paper


You were typing the same shit last time hovers got a massive buff, remember?

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Oh please… More drama queen threats. The games population is rising again. Go ahead and leave it won’t matter. But I think your full of it. You aren’t going anywhere.

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This ain’t an airport no need to announce your departure :slight_smile:

Yeah, no comprehensive thinking is going on just hot-headed outrage!

I personally never understood why you could slap a set of 2-ton cannons on a hovering system and get little to no recoil, so unrealistic, I like this change it’s more proper physics now

I’m expecting Lindsey Lohan to start singing!


After 2 years, tried hovers again, was curious after all the fuss after update. It’s almost laughable how simple they are to use now, they already were, but with a little tinkering they are even easier. I think it’s funny that some types of players get panic attacks from update.


Just so. :slight_smile: If you like flying wildly around the map, so high that no fire dog can hit you, go with Icarus VII. If you like rock solid stability, and excellent tonnage and pinpoint turning, go with Icarus IV. They are both outstanding movement parts now.

I’m not sure what the real complaint is concerning hovers other than some vehicles will need to be rebuilt or might even have to switch to a more optimal type of hover. Oh, wait. The Devs have allowed you to swap your hovers to the other type for free.


Another point about this update:

Lots of people have build after a giant update. For example:

My fused Blight 2 Draco Flash firedog has been nerfed into the ground. Hovers fly to high to catch, the Flash ain’t what it used to be, and all of the other builds are either hovers or are too large to comfortably jump with a firedog.

My Omni wheels have been turned into some strange thing. They are excellent at speed, but turning in place is extremely cumbersome.

My Hermit wheels don’t steer as well as they used to.

My Flash/Spark/Aegis/Cohort Hermit brick for Levi wars is busted because Flash and Spark no longer provide double slowdown. Consequently, the build does nothing and you are better off putting a Flash on something that does damage.

There are also new controls to learn.

Besides my problems, my clanmates are having similar problems.

The point is that everyone has problems with the update.

On a positive note, I have a full fused set of both types of hovers, and they are fantastic. I have swapped my heavy hover builds, Nova, Echo, Quantum, from the previous Icarus VII hovers to my Icarus IV hovers after the update, and they all run better, smoother, and less drifty with more tonnage than they had before the update.

I think that most of the people yearning for the old hovers just need to switch to Icarus IVs.

Rebuilding is part of the game. Remember: craft, ride, and destroy.


The new hovers are quite op, they require IQ now to be built properly tho.

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