Retcher Damage

im sorry but this is pretty ridiculous. Retchers as we know are a powerful gun, they shoot explosive bullets or mini grenades. but something about this gun just really rubs me the wrong way and i found out what it is. the damage output.

now i was in a raid and i use my typical build, 2 porcs and 2 arbiters. these for me deal, not ALOT of damage but it outpaces most guns in the game when i can land my shots… all except retchers.

to put this into perspective i was in a raid and this guy did 83,989 damage with 2 retchers. how much did i do? 34,947 damage… he scored 400 - 700 points higher then everyone else in the room. i was in second place.
him - 2041
me - 1642

either those numbers are way off or the retchers are that broken.
and look i get it retchers are a glass cannon, high damage low durability but holy crap thats way to much damage.

and no this isnt the only time ive noticed this with retchers, over the past few weeks / 2 months i been observing people with retchers and the damage they do. they outpace my damage by more then double every single time. ive even tried using different builds like 4 arbiters, 2 arbiters and an aurora, 2 porcs and a reaper, etc and still the retchers out damage me by more then double my score every time.

the devs HAVE to know this. but i just think that retchers are an unfair weapon in the hands of bots. they have perfect aim and never miss. if your caught off guard a retcher bot can kill you / strip you in SECONDS.

i want to ask the community, what do you think of this?

i know some of the arguements are going to be “but retchers are big and hard to hide” and “they dont have alot of hp” and things like that, but to me theres no reason retchers should be able to pull out that much damage. on top of that their “bullets” are explosive, the harpy cab can also boost that to make them even more deadly.

idk… to me retchers need a nerf but i wanted to ask what others think to.

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They do so much damage in raids because raiders have so many exposed explosive parts, so the splash damage from the grenades pops them easily.
They don’t do nearly as well in PVP.

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i mean… yeah i get that, but arent retchers pretty much the same thing? they heat parts and are explosive. they deal high impact damage and have very high raw damage in general. the heating doesnt so to much damage but it does heat parts.

I’ve toyed with how to do raids efficiently, and retchers are the best thing I have in my arsenal.
Aside from what Poony said, which is spot on, they also work well in raids because of how the enemies spawn and where they spawn. They’ll spawn in groups & often are just over a bluff. So, if you know where they’ll spawn, you can start lobbing grenades over the bluff & start decimating them before anyone else can even touch them.

They’re also easy to buff with wheels/cabs/hardware making them fire almost constantly.

All that being said, I cannot remember the last time I used them in PVP. Bots are dumb. Humans… well, humans are dumb too, but they know how to strip retchers before they’re hit with the 2nd volley.

I don’t think they need to be changed. I just think you need to get a pair of 'em. :man_facepalming: :grin: :wink:

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Relic retcher when?

Retcher is fine as it is imo. A good MG raid tower can out DPS a retcher build.

I am confused. Are we talking about minigun/aurora builds now?

I was just saying that raids are the perfect situation for weapons like retchers and porcs doing exceptionally well, but the same dominance isn’t so easily achieved in PVP.

Retchers can inflict serious damage. But there are down sides to them. The projectiles are very slow and predictable. They’re large and flimsy, and they require radiators, coolers, and ammo boxes to effectively use. Everyone knows to target you if they see you have retchers.

AI retcher accuracy is pretty absurd, but bots can be outsmarted. It’s your own fault if you let the bots get the jump on you.

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Retchers do require an absurd amount of modules. 2 fused cooling modules and 2 fused ammo packs is a minimum.

I also think the bullet speed is subpar and easy to dodge and the size and durability are terrible as previously mentioned.

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i have 2 retchers, i just dont run them cause well… i suck at aiming with them xD

the one thing im wondering though is do the explosions from exploding enemies ammo packs count towards your damage counter?

i mean… didnt porcs used to do very well in clan wars? do they still do well in clan wars?
and yeah raids can be good for retchers. its why i use tons of different weapons in raids and whatnot, cause its fun.
retchers just… well… if i can hit anything with them they hit VERY hard. but i couldnt hit the broad side of a barn door with them. :rofl:

oh i know that all to well lol. i use them, not all that often but i take them out now and then.
funnily when i see a retcher on a bot its the very first thing i try to strip because i know how ridiculous the damage output can be. and bots… dont miss… :unamused:

you need skill aiming them, whiiiiiiich i dont have LOL. trust me if you seen me with them in raids youd facedesk. im not terrible with them but yeah often times i suck at using them.
though i do enjoy raining my retchers down on things from afar, always a delight seeing those 800s from afar xD

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Its been quite a while since i have seen a nerf retchers post, but not too long!

Unlike what the plebs here tell you, skilled retcher players in pvp can do wonders, but nowadays its a gun that if you pay attention when it pushes it can be easily taken off.

The only period it was forced to a slight “nerf” (it was mostly an adjustment) was when there werent enough machineguns around and the weapon was overperforming in point black distances in PVP.

As far as pve goes, its perfectly fine, this discussion has been repeated thousands of times here throughout the years and its always the same outcome, there is absolutely no problem with it.

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I used to be this way with cannons. Every cannon. I think it was around last December I decided to start actively trying to get better with them. I have definitely gotten better - to the point they’re often fun to play with. AIMING is only half the battle, though. For me, it’s also learning how to build for them, how to USE the features of those builds. Plus, there’s a different strategy for them vs. everything else.

I have learned to either use front & rear wheel steering, or an omni-directional movement part so I can aim the whole rig. I’ve learned to use the drop of the projectile to hit enemies hiding on the other side of a bluff & out of sight. I’ve started to appreciate the tricks to make them reload & aim faster etc.

The same applies for the retcher… I won’t run a retcher without a radar. That’s how you get those 800m shots. You’re shooting things you only see on the mini-map. It also helps with shooting directly over the next bluff/rise/hill. In raids, you can wipe out an entire group of freshly spawned bots before they can even shoot you.

The biggest thing to learn is to learn how to predict where the bots will go & fire predictably in front of them. My days of hunting in younger years helps me out here… You don’t aim AT the pheasant as it flies by, you aim in front and above it. The pheasant then cooperatively catches the slug with his brain. :rofl: The same is true for bots, but I’m not so sure they have any brains.

I still have a long way to go before I’m intimidating with cannons… strangely, I do alright up close, but those long range shots, which I always thought would be easy are what trip me up. In time… in time…


Retchers wont fly barely 300m, definitely not 800m :joy:

This is a good fix for Reacher.

As soon as they launch the relic they will nerf the ledgendary.

I’m being half way sarcastic.

I think grenade launchers need a rework and the retcher should lose its status as a point blank explosive shotgun. First their vapor trails have to go. If there is any weapon class that should have no vapor trails its grenade launchers. Have them fade with distance so people can still lead with them closer up but there should be no visual warning that a dude with GL’s is carpet bombing you with indirect fire. Thats as crap as the flute lasers.
Second, there needs to be additions that assist with indirect fire for every weapon in game. A rangefinder and a HUD element that shows how far away your shots will land at your given elevation., so additional compensation is required if shooting people at a different altitude/elevation.
GL’s are just a poorly implemented class.


cannons can be a learning curve, especially the mammoths / mastodons. but once you get them down MAN they are fun to use!
i used typhoons alot and i am really accurate with them. i use a mammoth and mastodon combo to and they hit like a freight train. my mammoth is fused for reload so it can keep up mostly with the mastodons loading time as well. keep using cannons man they are so fun to use.

maaaaaaaan i remember the flutes and how broken they were. someone hit my team mate from across the map with those and took off both of his scorpions with just 1 volley. idk how many missiles he had but damn what a shot lol.

so… you mean like the mandrake? where it shows you an aiming circle and the area it will land before you fire?

well… thats one way of putting it LOL :rofl:

i always found that odd how they have smoke trails, is that normal for those types of guns to have trails like that? i mean… bullets sort of do that but grenade launchers? i guess its to show you where the fire is coming from?

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Oh for sure… I’m pretty sure you’re getting some extra distance on some if the maps where you’re firing from elevation, but whatever. I wasn’t taking his numbers literally, just his implication, which is spot on.

I forget the name of the map… The one with all the ramps and storage containers…

Being able to fire over walls is how you can dominate those raids. Retchers almost act like artillery sometimes.

That is more of a forced aiming mechanic, not a visual aid to the standard aiming mechanics everything has.