Retcher is now made of glass

After the patch, my Retchers now last about 5 seconds when a single purple enemy is shooting at them. Seriously…going to piss off a lot of folks when I don’t use a repair kit. Also, hitting teammates (accidently bumping into them, or when they fall off a cliff and land on me) is also damaging them.

They didn’t change retcher at all.

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Not retchers

They change the aiming focus of the bots in raids
Now they prioritize weapons rather then cab lock

yeaaaah… this is why i like to fight enemies that have short range weapons like lunatics or firestarters. though firestarters can be a bit of a pain to. still having them focus on the weapon more might be a bit bad considering youd have to use weapons with higher durability like mastodons or even typhoons. i dont think my arbiters or porcs would last to long in a battle like that. after they changed the arbiters box size i cant put armor around them like i used to cause it stops the rotation of the gun. hmm… i always didnt like that enemies targeted your cabin only but they switched it to guns. i feel as if hard raids might not be doable without tons of repair kits now. im really unsure myself.

If a player know how to use his build, the enemy and the terrain then there is no problem in raids

I do raids as an income in the game so I know what I am talking about, when I start a raid I go in and do not depend on my teammates (I solo raid) couse this way I have 100% win rate in raids, if I would start to depend on them then it’s a loss

I use:

News flash Retchers we’re always glass.

Now you have to armor your guns and can’t just slap them on top of your build in PvE.

It’s a good change.


Yeah, bots shouldn’t just target the cabin. Haven’t played many raids since the update, but haven’t found them much harder.
But I don’t use retchers in raids, and I don’t make tower builds to do raids either. I just use whatever DPS PVP build I currently have in my blueprints. Currently it’s either a fast dual Miller car, or a slower low PS Therm build. In the past it was usually any MG or minigun build, or sometimes Whirls.

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I’m the same way.

I always just use my PvP builds and 90% of the time I’m the top score without even trying. I never understood “raid builds” - normally when someone says “this is a raid build” I think “oh… so you made it suck on purpose.”

Solid PvP/CW builds work great in PvE.


100% This ^^^^^^

Yup, it’s more realistic that you’d strip guns and not shoot through layers of armor while your target sprayed you with rounds!

I have seen a lot of sucky doodoo builds in raids

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i never make my raid builds suck, i try to build them to make them last. i always put good dps weapons on them and sometimes run other weapons in raids when i want a change. i used to use retchers in raids sometimes but i mostly just use miniguns (arbiters) and porcs.

in pve though 2 porcs are all you need, i practically 1 hit everything i come across… idk if that was intentional or not. though i have noticed that im getting alot less rewards from raids. i did 2 normal raids and got 28 and 30 plastic, normally i get around 35 - 40 but i should do a few more tests just to be sure.

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This new change is annoying, but I adapted. Cyclones seem to work pretty well.

“Raid Builds” back in the day,is when players put their guns on columns far up and away from the cabin where the Bots would always shoot at…you know this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: it wasn’t about what weapon you had…

Yeah I get that, but I have never made a “raid build” and I score better then them. Just use a good PvP build.

What I don’t understand is the need to exploit AI to do good in raids. They are to easy to need to exploit. But you know this :wink:

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i use my shotty wedge,it works better n faster than most builds out there in a raid…
lots of players say ‘why run around with shotty’…i tell em your all to slow to kill anything! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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retchers are the same, they just made it so certain bots are more likely to shoot your guns instead of your cabin, most bots will randomly switch between shooting your guns while some will always target them, like the triple aurora hover from dawn’s and the tackler + whirl one from steppen, once again a change to make raids even more of a chore to play and not even a single mention in the patch notes :clown_face:

they gave you an option to move your vehicle with your mouse, that means you don’t need to move your retchers with your mouse as much, which means you can banker the ever living $&#^ out of retches now and just use your vehicle to aim, but you know, better because you can control your vehicle with your mouse

I guess you need to kill them faster now. And shield weapons with something, too.