Return of Hyperborea. Part 2

heres what im thinking

the modules normal time is 15 seconds.
adding this battery increases its max time to 30 seconds and makes it explosive.
HOW does the module recharge itself when it runs out of charge? is it dependent on the battery attached to it? does going a certain distance charge up the cloak module again to be used?
it says it |CHARGES the cloak module to increase its time. so when it runs out of time this has me thinking that it needs to recharge the battery to be useful again by either going a certain distance to accumulate charges or something. am i wrong here?

Nope. It’s 30 seconds.

It doesn’t.

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It’s always hard to say what is bad copywriting and what is intended. But my gut says the cloak doesn’t recharge, and the fuel works the same as ammo,

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They are all scheming these new goods hard. As for me, I thought about lances, but they suck these days, so I’m just going to sit this one out too, probably. If they add anything grape, I might pick it up off the market, but this orange stuff isn’t for me, and I’m done buying it.

While I will keep buying BPs, I don’t really see the point if you prefer lower PS play.
Whatever special items they include are easily picked up on the market.
Sometimes the epic items become relevant in low PS though, so good to see how that end plays out.

I don’t mind picking up the free structure parts that always come out with the BPs. That part is my thing (the build feature), but I’ve never used any of the Legendary stuff. I can’t build survivable art at those power-scores, It leans too far into the META up there, so…whatever. Not sure IGAF either, as long as I can do what I do; build amusing new cars with fangs and fire in retro-future, post apocalyptic style.

Mad Max will live on, as long as I have my way, and those other kids can do that whale-wars thing they seem to both love and hate simultaneously (can totally relate to that last part). I think I’m gonna just stay in my lane.

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I was playing some 6kPS builds this week, and saw a lot of people running legendaries, and even the occasional relic.
Often on art builds, and with only one or two high rarity items mixed with lower tier items.
Some would call that seal clubbing, but i don’t mind it. Keeps things diverse and exciting.

6K seems to be about where that behavior starts, and begins to be more difficult to deal with, I think. Under that and those kinds of builds (seal clubs) seem to be too vulnerable. I sort of ride that border myself. I just build what I like, and it tends to end up right about 6K, maybe 7K, give or take.

Some say I should consider PS brackets more seriously, but IDK. They don’t seem to be a thing to me. I don’t see any benefit from that method, myself, or that they are even still a thing. I know they used to be, and back then I would build according to brackets, but not anymore.

After PS 7K my lack of fancy gear gradually becomes an issue, and by 9K, whether I’ve got fancy gear or not, the META is pretty solidly dominant, and I can either join the club or go back to 6K, which is what I’ve decided to go ahead and just do.

I think what people call brackets is really just what’s possible at various PS ranges.
I spent a while trying to make a dual Nagual build to work this week, and eventually came to the conclusion that if you want to only spend 10 energy points on weapons, you need to be at a lower PS. And to get to that range with epic weapons and cabin, you need to give up on the idea of having many modules. Which seems fair, and turned out to be fun to play a car that’s basically just driving and shooting.

With any build idea, a huge part of the struggle is figuring out what PS range it works best in, and how to get it there.

There used to be very observable brackets. Like if you made a build at PS 4900, your competition would never be higher than like PS 5200 (just for example).

I don’t see evidence of that being the case any longer…but I’m not going to get into the de-ranking thing, or skill-based matchmaking the matchmaker does now that makes any bracket methodology appear obsolete.

I think I can agree on that pretty well.

Well that’s something to look forwards too.

Aww my dreams of a ball cab perk slightly crushed… I have the sudden urge to paint it blue though. I wonder how much of a charge it needs.

I find this kind of interesting and hope they don’t pull the existing bonus ammo boxes give to boosters. I guess they really love those booster pig builds.

So I’d imagine they probably would be able to just to recloak. The only denial of cloak part we have is the enlightenment missile thing, perhaps it will be actually worth something now.

It’s just going to be booster pigs with infinite cloak in all PS’s…lol… So jump in the heli to get off the ground only to find out that flying booster pigs are even faster…

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Do we know how many energy points this new cloak is going to require? There was a time when a cloak required two points, I think. With the new generators providing even more energy all the time, I think it’s possible that this new Cloak could require more than just one point of energy…unless that was clarified somewhere.

Ya’ll could be in for a disappointment, and maybe that would be more fair, considering how advantageous this power creep has been for some.

Haven’t seen anything yet.

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That little auger drone goblin is ruthless lol.

Cool structual parts here the new cabin has a nice perk, curious on the power score of this cloak amo pack.

I’m calling it it’s going to be a rapid fire autocannon for autocannon playstyle, minigun for minigun playstyle and a brand new machine gun for machine gun playstyle

3 very different playstyles



Now we’re talking

this 4 items caught my eye, let’s see how they turn out, but at a first glance seems better than the shitty bits and bobs that we talked about yesterday.

Amen, fingers crossed

It will definitely be more machineguns, all just slightly different from all the ones before it.

They could ofc add some awesome new cannon that freezes the enemy on impact if they wanted to buuuut they will probably just keep adding more MG’s and shotguns to the game and a couple more light cabins with the occasional medium cabin thrown into the mix.

I think we are due for a new shotgun, and maybe a new cannon.
Probably something for the mid-range too, but I think we’ve had enough MGs added recently, so likely something else.

They did MG’s in the first season so I don’t think we’ll get more of those.

I also am kind of pondering still if it will be Hyperborea vs Steppenwolfs as a theme as Steppen plays into the stories they were telling and the little faction war skit they did as an event. From that I’d probably go with shotgun and cannon too for guesses. That would have worked out regardless of the winner of the faction war.

I’d kind of expect at least one of the weapons to work with the perk from the ball cab. Perhaps a grenade launcher as there is no legendarily version of GL-55. I could also picture a legendary drone though too since they brought with a legendary drone cab in the first season.

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I am really wishing we won’t get any more Gungirs, Vultures or Threshers. Game already has many straight out not that good weapons that are just left to rot.