Return of Hyperborea. Part 2

Return of Hyperborea. Part 2

Part 1


We continue to learn interesting details about the novelties of the coming season. Today we will discuss: a new module, a medium cabin, and a number of Hyperborean structural parts.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

“Ammunition” for the new invisibility module and boosters

In general, the headline summarizes the main point quite well. As we learned from the first blog, the new legendary invisibility module will have a limited active time of 30 seconds. The players can use this time at their own discretion, enabling and disabling the invisibility effect. To increase this resource, you will need a special module.

Hyperborea’s advanced development is a fuel and energy cell that charges the invisibility module, increasing its active time. The size of the cell allows it to be completely “sunk” in a special niche of the invisibility module.

In addition to fueling the invisibility generator, the new module contains additional fuel that can be used to increase the usage time of all boosters. But this “bonus” is not given for nothing: a lucky enemy shot or the explosion of a stray projectile can lead to the explosion of this cunning device. The engineers of Hyperborea certainly made sure that something more than a one-wheeled cabin remains after the explosion, but still don’t forget about the explosive nature of this novelty.

Legendary medium cabin

A great example of how successfully the Hyperboreans are able to combine formidable and spectacular appearance with practical usefulness. Few will remain indifferent after the first look at the “Whaler”.

In terms of speed, the new cabin slightly loses only to the “Hippogriff”, which is an excellent performance for medium-type cabins, and in terms of tonnage and mass limit it almost matches “Beholder” — a cabin that is quite popular in the Wasteland.

As for its perk, the vehicles with this cabin definitely shouldn’t be afraid to get in the middle of combat, because that is the essence of this cabin’s unique mechanics. The cabin absorbs a part of the impulses from projectiles hitting the armoured vehicle, nearby explosions, as well as from the recoil of its own weapons, and converts them into a charge. A fully accumulated charge can be activated, which will significantly increase the damage of your projectiles, their speed, and their impulse on hit.

An armoured car properly assembled on the basis of this cabin can not only survive an attack, but also punish the enemy for their audacity and self-confidence. A real find for heavy weapon enthusiasts!

Structural parts

And finally, we invite you to take a look at some of the structural parts that will arrive in the Valley along with the Hyperboreans.

Massive, heavy and durable bumper (5x6x4)

Slopes (4x4x3)

Composite bumper (each part is 4x4x2)

See you in the final part of these devblogs! It will be entirely devoted to the new weapons of the northerners and the remaining structural parts. There will definitely be something to be excited about: 3 different weapons for different playing styles!

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Let me just say - this is a well-rounded cabin, with a perk that is charged in a number of ways. Looks like decent maximum weight, at 12 energy points.

Should go well with the Starfall, the Reaper, the Mandrake… or maybe even the Retcher. As if the Retcher weren’t OP already… :upside_down_face: :hammer: Depending on how close “nearby explosions” we’re talkin’.

This is a Retcher cabin. They’ll be shooting at the ground to charge the perk between raid waves. In addition to charging it during raid waves.

This has a potential to be disguistingly OP with the legendary Chameleogne. Shotgunners, melees, lancers, flamers will be able to sneak up at any distance, strike, and cloak right back up. Both on the ground and in the air. I did ask for a booster fuel module nearly 3 years ago, but not quite like this…

Yes! More! Bigger! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :kissing_heart:

Impulse increasing cabin, yet another cabin i wanted, but won’t be able to get because i don’t want to support the current state of the game

Sounds ok, no idea how cheesy it will get depending on how much or little is needed on building the charge and just how much more pushing power it gives to whirl/reaper/miller builds firing while driving directly at you, with bad luck it’ll be instant game over as your own build just gets rolling due to the impulse, or can’t aim at the enemy at all.

As the balance is already crap I don’t think it’ll make it any more crapper, OP stuff is already OP without the cabin and I don’t think any struggling weapon will do any better with the cab, or any already OP weapon will suddenly get even more OP with it

I like how it looks though very stylish, not stylish enough to give crossout any money but still good looking cabin

I have mixed feelings about this new cabin. The perk itself sounds interesting but I’m afraid it’s going to be the same case as with Huginn all over again (where almost every build was that annoying goblins on augers one…).
This time, I’m pretty sure most people will be using this cabin exclusively with Toadfish. And I can already tell it will be extremely frustrating to play against…

That cloak needs to drop to 10 seconds lol

All it’s gonna be is dogs using a full 30 seconds of cloak to traverse the entire map for their 1 kill. As someone who knows how strong cloak is, that length of time is absurd… 5-10 seconds is usually long enough to get across most maps undetected already

Has anyone else thought about how this cabin would work for their leviathan? :smiling_imp:


“The Whaler,” :laughing:

Sadly, I was wrong about its perk.

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Imagine that cab with Impulse fused Toadies.

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It sounds a bit like the new cloak has 30 seconds of total cloaking time, but spread throughout the match. No cooldown, but you can turn it on and off until you exhaust that 30 seconds. This fuel cell sounds like it will be essential to extend it enough for what you would need for an entire match, but is explosive.
If my interpretation is correct, seems like a good way to balance it.

New cab seems like an interesting tweak on humpback, but on a fast medium cabin, and more about impulse than damage.

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I wonder what happens if you get Verifiered out of cloak though… do you get to instantly just cloak up? It should lock you out for a set time otherwise people will dog cloak… get verifiered, then just cloak up and activate Griffon or something and that’s all you need.

Dogs won’t need more than 30 seconds, plus they’ll all use the new cloak ammo, if it gives more booster ammo too then I can see it being used with a Hermes dog build very well.


I don’t use verifier that often, but when I do I don’t even bother to trigger it most of the time, as you can see the enemy on the map and just decloak them with bullets.
Kind of sounds like there is no cooldown, which will be a new challenge. Might want to invest in verifiers in advance, as they may surge in price.

As far as fuel goes, I think you are right that some will choose to use only the stock 30 seconds total, but many more will feel that’s not enough, and will be forced to strap a bomb to their build (which is how they seem to be trying to balance some types of game play now).

Well with people aiming for weapons near exclusively nowadays the whole explosive negative aspect of modules becomes so irrelevant as nobody even shoots in weak spots anymore. It’s almost like people forget explosives exist and it’s all about weapon stripping.

It’s like I said about the Scorpion in my other post… I used to love my single Scorpion build, even when you didn’t know where an enemies explosives were you could bet that 80% of the time you could aim for lower back frame height and you’ll hit explosives if they’re not a hitscan build etc… now people just shoot center mass/weapons.

I run this absolute bomb under my build, 3 blue ammo packs touching a gas gen and it only ever explodes when someone rams me… no one bothers shooting low, only guns.

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That’s what I mean by the devs using explosives as a balance mechanic.
That aspect of play had been diminished for quite a while, and they’re clearly trying to bring it back.

Between Falcon, the various newer long range guns, the ammo pack nerf, Thor, the relic generator, and this new cloak fuel, they clearly see an opportunity to buff some weapons by increasing the consequences to some builds.

Only time will tell if it works. Seems like it often takes a while for game changes to filter into the meta.

Edit: forgot to mention that the projectile changes were meant to make it easier for cannons to hit buried explosives, so that not just snipers benefit from it. I’m definitely finding that cannon bots are blowing up my explosives more than they did a couple years ago (and they’re not even aiming for them).

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Well as an Astraeus fan I wish they didn’t keep nerfing it… I don’t think I’ll even use them again now after all the changes, they feel so hollow whereas before they felt very rewarding. I like weapons that take skill to use well and they seem to be dropping the skill ceiling on so many items…

the chameleon is already 10 seconds isnt it?


you guys are looking past something here. the invisibility module needs a resource to use it, with this module itll give you extra resources or give you the ability to gather more resources to recharge the time on the cloak. can you imagine this? cloak up, you use 20 seconds of your cloak going in and crippling someone then cloaking to get away, hide, charge up the time, then run back in. rinse and repeat. i can see this being annoying to other people as itll encourage a hit and run tactic, hide, wait to charge then run back in with a full 30 second cloak. so this module will either extend the time of the invisibility or give you the ability to charge the cloak back up.

also i agree that 30 seconds is WAY to long of a cloak time.

Yes, but it needs charging unlike this one… being able to turn the cloak on and off at will is what should set it apart from the lower rarity versions. Having this unique feature while also having 3x the potential duration seems like crazy to me.

also being able to recharge the cloak due to another module as well. the chameleon has the ability to recharge itself but it doesnt combine itself with other modules.

This sounds like a misinterpretation of the new module to me. I understood it to fuel the module, not recharge it. Like an ammo pack for the new stealth module and for boosters, extending their allotted usage time.

I don’t think that’s correct either, is it?

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Yeah, it doesn’t sound like the fuel cell allows you to recharge the module, just gives it more cloak fuel to start out with.

Remember, the default 30 seconds is only three 10 second cloaks, which is not going to be enough for many players. That will force them to use fuel, which makes them more vulnerable,

New higher level dogs will have not only more vulnerable ammo packs for their flamethrowers, but now their cloaks will blow up too. Not to mention that many will be running Thor. One mistake could set off a chain reaction of explosions.

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its confusing to me because they say it like this. basically it means that to be able to recharge the module you will need a module that increases the resources it uses to make you invisible.

but then it says this…

so it charges the time back up and gives it more invisibility time?? but its max time they said above is 30 seconds. does this mean that its ONLY 30 seconds when this module is equipped? whats its normal active time then? 15 seconds? can you recharge it? how does it function without the module to charge it?

read above.