Return the entire camera system to before the Supercharged update

for the love of god please.
playing a vehicle with sideways cabin actual gives me literal motion sickness and I feel like throwing up after a few matches because the vehicle is not centered in the horizontal middle of the screen.
all changes to the camera introduced with the Supercharged update were garbage literally one worse than the other.
and do not even get me started with trash like ‘bind turning to camera’
please revert it all in an emergency patch already
admit your changes were awful and have us return to what it was before when it was better

i was so close to responding…


LOL!!! :rofl:

then dont play them?? adapt to the change or just dont play them really. that or just use something else until they patch it out i suppose. i myself never played sideways builds. dont like em, dont use em, dont play em. so it wouldnt really effect me. but motion sickness off that?? how?

Camera settings. The only thing you are right about is removing camera steering for everybody cause that shit is awful.

what do you mean with ‘camera settings’?
I have disabled ‘Floating Camera’ and set camera distance to max
it still does not fix the vehicle not being in the center of the screen when the cabin is sideways
where is the option to fix this once and for all?
under what settings page?

Imagine playing a game where the core mechanic is about building, change and adapting…

…then getting butthurt over that exact thing happening.


You almost made me spit out my drink how you phrased those facts! :rofl:

I don’t think what we are seeing in the game, as a result of the last two major updates, is the finished product. I think they are going somewhere with these updates that is yet to be revealed. What we have now is an unpolished re-formatting designed to accommodate a plan that is yet to be fulfilled. It’s a little wonky too.

People like to to say “No this game is just fine. You suck is all. Just get good,” a lot, but that is routinely proven to be false, because the developers then go and update stuff, release patches and bug fixes, etc. Clearly the game isn’t running as the developers would like, and they are no doubt working as we speak to fix a variety of crap that is indeed wonky.

For example; if Hovers weren’t actually problematic, why do they spend so many man-hours trying to fix them? that’s just an example. I’m not interested in another hover hate thread. The point is; if this game ain’t wonky (can’t really say broke), why are they working so hard to fix it? I’m certain that if you asked the developers, there is a bunch of stuff they feel need to be addressed. You’ll see, because they’ll address it. I don’t always agree with their version of that, but I’m certain we agree that this game could be improved a lot.

If you think this game is just fine, and it’s the just players that are messed up, I disagree, and I get the impression the developers of this game also disagree with you.

Maybe it’s both? A wonky game, and too many players who can’t adapt to the wonkiness?
I expect the game to keep changing until it dies, so all you can do is roll with the changes and try to make the most of it.

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Ya, probably. Not much is really black and white, this or that, but these last two updates have been very thorough, effecting nearly every aspect of the game. I think there’s more to come and these updates are aimed at something in particular, but IDK what.

As far as players being adaptable enough or not; IDK, this game changes a lot, and expects a rather large investment of a persons time to develop builds that actually work (thanks a lot, fusion feature), and then once you get that peachy fused META monster, they nerf the hell outta your shizznit and change everything. It’s hard to adapt to that. Some people think it’s a racket. IDK. I do think it sucks.

I suspect that a lot of the big changes over the last year have been the result of changes they decided to do a long time ago, but took a while to complete.
I think the game was more successful than they originally planned, and they’ve been trying to update and upgrade every aspect of it to match the more complex and full fledged game that it has become.
Unfortunately a lot of aspects of the game still feel unfinished and left over from the original rough version. I expect things like adventure and CW to get major updates in the future.

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Man, I hope so.