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i don’t mind how they did the map boarders, my bigger issue is aiming + flying at the same time, sometimes i want to be aiming up, and shooting up, while flying forwards, this is not possible with some weapons at the moment, i would prefer W and S for pitch control, Q and E be throttle control and then A and D can be role control, mouse can to yaw controls that is fine imo
these controls would really help avoid running into map boarders while shooting at someone

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I really think this is half of why the weapons in on copters are so different than they are on the ground vehicles. The weapons that are working are ones that do some of that for you… pyres, hurricanes, trombones, caucus, hawks, falcons and to a lesser extent, the Nest. Everything else, you’re APPROACHING as you’re firing. You’re closing the distance, changing the effectiveness and safety of what you’re using.

There are a few folks out there using mini-guns and autocannons, and I’ve tried them a bit. When you’re playing against someone who can’t fly, they’re an easy target. You just follow their silly butts until they die. A good player will turn on you, and good luck surviving that. The city maps aren’t big enough for guns-only dogfights, though. Death by invisible wall or ceiling is as likely as getting shot.

An interesting weapon is the retcher. I’ve tried it a bit, and if I master it, it’ll be deadly. It can double as a nasty little bomber for the ground- only guys, and the parabolic trajectory makes fighting gunners an interesting entanglement.