Return to the fight

How are you guys liking the invisible borders of the map where you feel like you can’t go up beyond buildings yet see people way higher in the air than you chilling casually, and how you need to pretty much ram your build against an enemy or the ground before the timer goes away that tells you to get back into the fight, while people are still way farther away form “the fight” than you ever were and don’t seem to have the game threatening to blow up your build while you struggle to even get back into the “fight” with heli controls

I did have a lot of trouble with helicopter controls at the start and at times it still gets a little wonky when my brain gets confused on which way is up or down lol

But, they did a damn good job of mapping these controls to a controller for Xbox. Once you get it down it feels pretty natural.

With the two sticks you can do everything. It was like they made this mode for Console and converted it to PC instead of the other way around.

But then again, all of the new control changes in the last few patches have been aimed at making Console and PC controls similar.

My least favorite part the is the flight ceiling being higher but not high enough. The city map is the only one where the outer horizontal boarders bother me but that’s because you can get trapped behind some of the buildings and it makes it harder to get back in.

I have no problem nose diving to return from above though. You can get up to 125km/h doing that so I find myself doing that often.

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I wish they would add “return to fight” on normal PVP maps so it’s does not feel like we are locked in a box.

Would be cool to have roads you could go down on the edge of the maps, but if you didn’t time it right you exploded.

With combining the “Mine Zones” 0n the edges of maps and the “Return to fight” this it could add a new layer of immersion to the game.

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It’s not bad but the scoring for it is funky. Right now it’s the last person that hit you gets points/credits for kill if you blow up outside in the bounding area after getting hit. I have a feeling with bots it would just turn out badly though their pathfinding sometimes already can’t deal with a normal map let alone one that has complications added to it.

That being said it probably would be interesting for no bot modes like brawls and arena.

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Exactly this…

The two city maps in this mode are too small/restrictive that’s my only qualm about this mode


Agreed… I feel like I’m fighting in a fishbowl.

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Pretty damn confusing.

1 - i went into battle and the celling it’s about half when compared with in the garage
2 - i’m having trouble moving forward, i often end up moving upwards and stay in the same place, only higher.
3 - I was better off with no propeller

It would be better to have two separate keys for up and down and the traditional WASD to move around

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For the first time in this game, I find myself dumping matches when I see that city map load up. Not fun.

For me, the city map isn’t that bad, i’m always bumping into things but as it has much more landmarks it’s easier for me to keep track of what i’m doing, to navigate and if i’m lagging in scores in relation to other team mates i just shut down the propeller and resume the fighting “on foot”, to be able to catch on .

The hard map for me it’s that new hilly map with church and all, almost none landmarks to eyeball my position, my navigation, the position of others, no sense of speed i have to rely on the minimap which has no red dots most of the times.
I did much better last time in that map with no propeller.

I see your points… The thing with that city map isn’t that it has obstacles. I like those. It’s just that it’s too small for flight.

or is just that, either way i don’t end up alone in the sky just hovering over nothing.

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Yeah, on those two other maps, I’ve found myself rather lost way up high without realizing it. I’ve trained myself to stay close to the surface for multiple reasons… cover, easy ground targets, and as you say… I can know where I am and how fast I’m going.

Me in that map, with my drone build after i lost my propeller in a ram, the bulk i did on the ground and…and my team was the best of the two, i mean, we at a certain point had the double the points of the other team. That most certainly was other key factor.
then i had to commit the unthinkable to be able to get more ammo.

P.s.- How do i get some cartridges?

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You have to watch Twitch Streams with “Drops Enabled” from Crossout. You have to link your accounts, first. There’s instructions on the News section of this site. You’ll only be able to get 7, and you get one per hour of streaming. I earned all seven while quite asleep.

Nice stats on that game. Which drones were you using?

I’m finding some of the matches are decided by how inept the drones are. I just had a match in Dead City where I’m pretty sure we won because their dual mandrake build kept offing himself under bridges.

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Tomorrow i will try to make one with 4 hawks and a Falcon. (i don’t have a fifth hawk and i have an untradeable falcon so…)
It’s been ok for the most part, third place win or loss perhaps people are still getting the hang of it cause their survivability are superior than in PVP.
I just rammed a spark build by accident he sparked but i didn’t lose any drones, ofc this “coin” has two sides.
People are complaining about the rocket meta , it’s not that big of a deal.
I think, at this point, they can be more reliable than any other weapon, i mean, while i’m trying to figure out which way is up and where are the others, they are doing the heavy lifting.
Perhaps the efficiency of all weapon decreased because now the attention is more divided with navigation.

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I think the rocket meta is just realistic. In real life, guns on aircraft are very secondary to guided missiles/rockets.
Drones, on the other hand… well, technology certainly seems to be heading that way. Maybe your build in CrossOut is just fortelling the future.

Thanks… I had 670 coin & decided to follow your lead. I bought 4 of them. I ran them in a simple build with a Cheetah, Chameleon, & 3 Genesis. Got 3 kills & 3rd place in my first try.

Oh, I used the Tusk & rammed a couple of folks while harassing them. It’s a great combo! They’re also, as predicted, great at absorbing rockets. The only thing that hit me significantly was a bot using lasers. LOL

Here’s the 2nd build results… This is a Ghost, 4 Augers, 4 Hawks, 1 Falcon, Chameleon… It’s a copter crapping copters. I may have discovered the new Meta. This is much more effective than my MG builds or my rocket builds. Easier, too!