Returning player cannot reset password

I cant get the website to allow me a reset.
It refuses to send me the code despite multiple tries, and I cant get gaijin support either since I cant log in to my account!
I’m sick of jumping through these stupid hoops only for the page to refuse to allow me to send a ticket.
Anyone have any ideas what I should do?

I was a player for a few years, then stopped when they updated and my comp didnt work.
Now I’m back with a new computer and can’t play or do anything,

Read the portion on section 2.

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Thank you! This seems to allow actual contact.
The page I got sent to was very confusing and clearly russian based, and I could not find the proper path forward.
Your link seems to have done the trick, thank you!

Welcome, bookmark it just incase you need it again later.

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Sadly, Im getting a runaround from support, and they cant seem to do anything except stall me asking for screenshots of the game not letting me in. Typical game support. I’m not really interested in jumping through hoops to play so if they don’t care, I don’t either.
Not letting me into the game when I already have an account is costing THEM money, not me.

Did you mention you wanted to buy something?

thats ridiculous.