Revamping the Ignore/Mute system of the forum

As the title says, maybe it’s time to revamp how the ignore/mute function works on the forum as it’s not effective at all, and doesn’t prevent people you don’t want interacting with you to interact with you, besides blocking messages. I think a proper block function should be implemented on the forum, which will give users the ability to completely block someone they deem toxic or are harassing/bullying them, the block function should block all interactions of the blocked person for the blocking person. (messages. commenting, liking, flagging, seeing posts, etc)
Cause right now all you can do is stop someone from messaging you but even if they ignore/mute you, you can still comment on their stuff and flagged their stuff in a means of harassment and flagging in anonymously so they can play ignorant/innocent while going on a flagging/commenting campaign of harassment.
The current flagging system and ignore/mute system can be and is easily abusable and is being abused currently by at least one person or possibly multiple.

Do you think the current system of ignore/mute/flagging should be overhauled and made to actually block a person and or reveals who flags posts?

Dude. Get over it. The first week of you moaning about it was like, poor guy.

Now you just come off as a wannabe victim. You dont add anything of value beyond complaining and ironically, you harrass monkey more than whoever is flagging your posts does to you.

Grow up, it’s the internet and No One Cares.


You’re the perfect example of why this post exist, toxicity for no reason and how am I harassing monkey? I don’t flag all his posts, nor do I even comment on his stuff rarely unless he comments on my stuff or insults me in his comments, I set him to ignore and he knows it so why does he still comment on my posts?
Ironically :monkey: is the one :triangular_flag_on_post: spamming my posts, it’s fine, and Dendy you’re his friend but coming after me when I haven’t even interacted with you recently, and then you mention :monkey: kinda makes me suspicious of if he sent you to comment on this as an indirect way to harass me, as you do release I made no mention of :monkey: in my topic but you saw fit to mention him, why? is this an alt account :monkey:?

Clearly, people care as this topic matter has come up a lot recently on other treads and there is clearly an issue with abusing the flagging system!

There is people that need to get over it and I’m not one of them, in fact, if people who I set to ignore and told them to leave me alone, actually left me alone I wouldn’t have made this tread
And your whole reply is a prime example of why the forum needs a proper blocking system and not this weak ignore/mute system!
Thank you for proving my whole point!

Its the internet, not the Summit for Potical Correctness.

You’ll be judged in the court of public opinion, not what your idea of fair is.

I agree your comments getting flagged to oblivion is dumb, but i just click on them one time and there they are, fully legible.

Oh well, maybe you have sympathizers who can rally around you and make this glorious dream a reality! Good luck my friend!


I really do hope the mods/admins of the forum implement a proper block function, that’ll cut down a lot of the flagging and the back and forth, won’t eliminate it completely but probably lower the rate of abusive flagging and arguments by 70 to 80% is my guess

As much as this is running on an opensource platform and it is possible to diy it on your own forum install. The forum software devs/supporters don’t want to implement or help implement any version of a plugin doing it. They just lock any attempts at asking about doing it. Ability to properly block users - #6 by pfaffman - feature - Discourse Meta

You will probably never see it implemented so, you might as well give up asking about it.

Well I call :ox: :poop: on devs if that is the case and just a plain :clown_face: move

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i don’t think the game owns this forum…'so mods can’t mod it and devs can’t dev it… :rofl:
so they can’t change anything about it…
like they did in the old forum that they owned…or did they? ,they seemed to have more control of it in the old forum… :thinking:

It’s open source they don’t have to own it…

It is what it is they say it interferes with what admins and mods are supposed to do basically honestly it’s a crappy forum platform they stuck us with though.