Reverse Tax Market

Due to players getting low balled when selling items , there is no other way of making money, then to rely on a potential buyer.

Seller is losing money, Rush Parts + Time Grinding + 10% Market Fee.
Retcher price $8000 Buyer prices $7200 you have to settle or never get any money is the problem then you come out with $6200 Total losing Big time…

How about the Buyer has to pay for the 10% tax upon Purchasing the item , it’s a Processing Fee!!!
This will Balance the Seller from Rush Items he has already Spent 10% rushing items.

What do you think?

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i think they keep profit margins low on purpose , slow grind makes people more likely to spend real money ,
you can make money on the market but not usually by crafting , just gotta ride the wave
i just made 400 profit off a cabin i picked up a week ago


Some parts are cheaper to buy on the market and some are cheaper to craft. It seems fine to me. I can still make a hundred or two coins more crafting certain parts and selling them vs just selling resources. And im still making coin on mesely market flips.

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market fees should be on the buyer,not the seller.
sales tax implies to the buyer…food tax ect.
or it should be 2%

Incorrect the seller pays and is responsible for collecting sales tax from the buyer unless there isn’t any sales tax in the state. If the seller doesn’t collect the tax from the buyer as a stated tax they are still obligated to pay it out of what they charged when filing their taxes.